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Career goals utilize the skills you use to subordinate yourself to larger public responsibilities or demands. These goals also can determine your duties, your field of work, and your employer.


You are a hard worker and a team player. You will always roll up your shirt sleeves and participate in the jobs of those who work under you. You are happiest when you aren't confined to small quarters, and, therefore, you do your best work out in the field. You are loyal, diplomatic, and able to handle anything that comes your way. You would probably do well working for yourself, since you need the freedom to come and go as you please.

You are lucky and you will take risks that others wouldn't dare, but you are also wasteful. You are easygoing and fun-loving. Money burns a hole in your pocket. Fortunately, you usually land on your feet when it comes to financial matters.

You are most successful in exciting and adventuresome careers such as a career in the defense service, car racing, team sports, troubleshooting for large corporations, and jobs that entail plenty of travel.

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Self goals describe the skills you use to compete with others. Self goals give you a sense of individuality, separateness, and freedom from the crowd. These goals also can describe your physical appearance and outward manner, and the behavior that makes you feel fit and self- confident.


You are extremely sensitive, unusual and unique in all that you do. You desperately want to do the right thing, but this is not always easy, since you must follow that small inner voice, whether for good or for bad. You will not tolerate being restricted in any way. You like to drift in a dreamworld where you can forget life's harsher realities. You have charm, humor, sympathy, compassion and intuition--all of which enable you to open even the most difficult doors. You are creative in all you do; however you also tend to become an escapist if things don't go your way.

You are a grand master at the art of playing both ends against the middle. You can confuse others with the constantly changing way you do things. You are often a chameleon, which makes it difficult for anyone to get a view of the real you.

Although you don't participate in competitive games, you are in constant competition with yourself. You want to be unique and original in all that you do; but you find it senseless to beat another at something that has no meaning to you.

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Partnership goals embrace the skills you use to cooperate with others in close personal exchanges. These goals also tend to describe the sort of people you desire to attract, either as friends or as "worthy" opponents, as well as your personal style of loving and sharing.


You have great curiosity about sex. You are anxious to experiment, to examine and to cater to the one who captures your heart. You feel that sex is an experience that should not be overlooked, provided you have the time and the inclination. You are interested in anything that will further your career. You are always eager to know how much money your partner makes and what he or she does with it, as you find waste sinful. You can become overprotective if your mate permits it. You will only get into a committed partnership after a respectable length of time, and only when you are one hundred percent sure that the relationship will last. You need to feel that your mate will support your career and will help make your home a clean, comfortable place. In return, you offer security, reliability and faithfulness.

You have set seriously high standards for the lover in your life. You insist that he or she be squeaky clean, practical, and goal oriented. As a result, it usually takes you a long time to find someone worthy of your commitment. You tend to marry late in life, and then only if the right lover comes along. You are an excellent housekeeper, a strict parent, and a good companion. You become increasingly attractive with age, and often get more attention from potential partners during your later years.

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Family goals encompass the skills you use to supervise your family, your children, and your subordinates. These goals also can apply to your home, your relationship to your family, and your community.


You dislike staying put for long periods. You don't get attached to places, and you find the thought of a move temptingly exciting. If you do move, you will always take your books along; your library is your most prized possession. You tend to travel light, and you're inclined to decorate your dwelling sparingly. If you don't have too much to take along, it makes moving that much easier. You are happiest when you are shifting from place to place.

You love your family but you have no trouble leaving them to move on to someplace new. Although you will not forget them, and you will keep in touch, you are not one to dwell on family matters for any length of time.

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