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Since there are always conflicts in life, you will sometimes find that there will likely be some conflicts in the interpretations of your chart in Natal, Horoscope, Synastry and Business Partnership. To enable you to determine which interpretation or event is more predominant, you will find that there is a weighting factor in percentage associated with each interpretation paragraph. With this factor, you can now determine which event is more important by observing which event has a higher percentage if there's a conflict. The weights also allow you to determine which events are more significant.


You want everything to be perfect. You express yourself in a detailed manner and rarely leave anything to chance. You are well-organized and terrific at formulating ideas and putting them into motion. Your main concern in all you do is quality, not quantity.  (25%)

You have the energy to accomplish much. You will help those less fortunate, and you will get favors from those in positions to help you.   (92%)

You will interact socially with your friends and acquaintances. You like to go out and be entertained, and you enjoy the knowledge you pick up spending time with others.   (85%)

You will be drawn into secret or hidden relationships that will be deceptive and sorrowful. You must be careful not to set yourself up for a hurtful experience.   (73%)

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You tend to work in partnerships rather than alone. You have the ability to attract people who can help support your ideas and provide you with all you need to accomplish your goals. You like to live in comfort and luxury.  (25%)

You will use your knowledge aggressively to reach your goals with regard to your beliefs, your position and your home environment.   (81%)

Your impulsive action will lead to gambling, poor investments, unwise choices of entertainment or social acquaintances.   (10%)

You will find ways to make money through your creative talents. You will use your home as a gathering place. You will make sure that your home is pleasing, comfortable and visually spectacular.   (87%)

You will be inspired to make money through unusual and intriguing means. You will run your home in a unique manner and decorate it with atypical flair.   (85%)

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You are energetic and relentless in your pursuits. You will always speak frankly to get your point across. Trivial talk is your idea of a waste of time.  (25%)

You will enjoy getting involved with friends and relatives. Social activity is something you look forward to. You will do whatever is necessary to enhance your appearance and to expand your mind.   (85%)

You tell a wonderful story, and you attract many friends and potential partners throughout your life.   (95%)

You have an intellectual, precise way of communicating with others. You are charming, entertaining, and will aggressively take action to get what you want.   (83%)

Your impulsive action will lead to disagreements with friends and colleagues, as well as to accidents, injuries and sudden changes regarding your educational pursuits and your career options.   (11%)

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You like your home to be spacious and comfortable. You are fastidious and want everything in its place. You are extremely generous with your family and will bend over backward to please them.  (25%)

Your interest in your home and family will be rewarded by the things that your family gives in return. You can make extra money if you start a home-based business.   (89%)

You love your home and family, and you are sensitive and emotional with regard to issues that concern this area of your life. You sometimes lack practicality when it comes to investments, legal matters and health concerns.   (89%)

You build your home on solid ground. You will use your influence coupled with force, if necessary, to protect what you have and those you love.   (69%)

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You can be prudish when it comes to making love. You are extremely cautious about investments and you're not likely to take risks. To you, work is a source of entertainment.  (25%)

You can easily jump into adventurous love affairs. You are attracted toward shows and games of chance. You like originality and offbeat movies. You are into body language, and you can make money quickly through gambling and investments.  (25%)

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You are creative in your professional pursuits. You get along well with your peers, and can work in unison with others. You will always incorporate unique ideas into any project you work on.  (25%)

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You attract individuals who are not well-organized, but through these connections you get a better understanding of your emotions. You will always learn from those with whom you get involved.  (25%)

You love social activities and travel. Your interest in foreign cultures, spirituality, human nature, and creative subjects will lead you into some interesting courses and conversations.   (86%)

You attract honorable and wealthy mates and partners. You have opportunities to meet people in high positions. You can win your legal battles.  (50%)

You are friendly, outgoing, and eager to please. You must, however, make sure that the people you help are worthy of your time and effort. You will have an interest in unusual groups, and will attract rather unique partners throughout life.   (89%)

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You need to take good care of yourself. You are prone to minor accidents, infections and fevers. You will always have extended circumstances around matters pertaining to financial and legal affairs. Joint ventures are not in your best interest.  (25%)

You will put a lot of time, effort and thought into getting ahead financially through business as well as through the investments you make.   (85%)

You are impulsive sexually. Your partner is physically aggressive. You will have problems with an inheritance or with money matters involving other people.  (75%)

Health problems will arise; however, you are more prone to injury than illness. You will join groups, gangs or organizations that do not have the best intentions. Gambling may be tempting, but it should be avoided.   (10%)

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Higher Education

You are practical about your social concepts and religious leanings. You tend to take a down-to-earth approach to life, and will seldom deviate from the social standards.  (25%)

Your keen memory and ability to associate things will help you retain any knowledge that comes your way. You will have a need to stick to tradition and culture, although you will also be drawn to find out about the traditions and cultures of others.   (67%)

Your philosophical views are changing. You are inspired by the knowledge you acquire while traveling or pursuing educational endeavors. You have a broad outlook and an interest in foreign cultures.  (50%)

Your keen memory and ability to associate things will help you retain any knowledge that comes your way. You will have a need to stick to tradition and culture, although you will also be drawn to find out about the traditions and cultures of others.   (67%)

You are likely to end up living a distance from your birthplace or you will do a lot of traveling throughout your life. You get along well with foreigners and you have a strong interest in cultural knowledge. You are enlightened by philosophy and you are a great scholar.  (50%)

You love to travel and see distant lands. You are curious about the creative culture that exotic destinations have to offer. You are interested in helping those unable to help themselves.   (89%)

You will join organizations that deal with the occult or that have a bizarre leaning. You will travel to unusual destinations, or have dealings with foreigners who will teach you about different backgrounds and cultures. You will meet lovers and partners in strange places or under unusual circumstances.   (88%)

You meet potential mates while traveling to distant lands. You love to experience different cultures. You are sympathetic to the needs of others. You can achieve your goals through your positive thoughts and actions.  (50%)

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You need to work in a job that will allow you to use your mental and physical agility. You have wonderful ideas, and you are more concerned with getting recognition for your work rather than cash.  (25%)

Your involvement with investment groups, large corporations, government agencies or institutions will pay off. You will aggressively go after your business and financial goals.   (87%)

You have social and business success know-how. You can juggle several projects at one time. You like to travel for your work. Your family will have an important effect on you.  (50%)

You can make your mark on the world by following your dreams and believing in yourself. You like to control and dominate your situation, leaving nothing to chance. You will face any kind of opposition with aggressive force and fair play.  (25%)

You are a leader. Strong, influential and geared to protect and take care of your people. You will fight for the underdog and back away from nothing. You will bide your time and you will always make headway when you see an opportunity arise.   (72%)

You can expect to be promoted to a position of responsibility and power. You will have to put in extra work, but that suits you fine. You can stabilize your social position through your professional status. You are known for your integrity in business. You could work well in politics.  (25%)

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You become strongly attached to your friends, treating them as family, and usually stick to the same people throughout your life.  (25%)

You will receive protection from intuitive and highly evolved individuals. You are drawn to secret societies.  (50%)

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When faced with a tough decision or a test of any magnitude, you always come through with flying colors. Your willpower is much stronger then it appears. Don't let your pride stand in the way of your success.  (25%)

You know what it takes to get ahead and you will take forceful action to get you where you want to go. You aren't afraid of opposition, competition or authority.  (88%)

You will be tempted to keep things to yourself on an emotional level; however, this can hurt your relationships if you aren't willing to let those close to you know how you feel.  (63%)

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Sun Sign and More

Your systematic, well-organized ways will always enable you to follow the correct and most appropriate route. You are practical and specific in all you do.  

You are intuitive, have deep understanding and compassion, and can usually tap into the thoughts of others. You are able to influence people simply by your ability to relate to them on whatever level is required. You do, however, lack discrimination; if you aren't careful you may develop escapist tendencies.  (75%)

Your primary goal is making money and acquiring possessions. You focus your energy wisely and therefore end up with concrete results. You have all the qualities necessary to be successful as long as you don't allow your stubbornness to interfere with your decisions. Jealousy and possessiveness will create problems if you don't learn to control those tendencies.  (25%)

You have an excellent memory. You listen carefully and absorb every bit of information offered. You tend to be a bit of a chameleon, picking up the characteristics of those around you. You are highly sensitive to comments made by others and often have your feelings hurt as a result.  (50%)

Your changeable, restless nature must be controlled. You have a strong need to do more then one thing at a time. Boredom is your enemy; however if you take on too much you will fall short of your goals. Learn to set priorities and you'll gain the most. You need to keep busy, but you also have to direct your energy wisely.  (50%)

You are strongly attached to your home and family. You probably have family members who are unusual, or have family secrets that you'd prefer not to discuss. Your intuition is well-developed, and you need to live in a peaceful environment.  (75%)

You want to dominate your domestic scene; however you sometimes face opposition. Your home environment and those you live with will be unusual. You have a love of nature and an interest in preserving it. You need to help others in order to feel satisfied .  (25%)

You have a lot of emotional inhibitions which can result in isolation and neurotic tendencies. You take your family responsibilities very seriously and you do try hard to provide for your loved ones. You have the ambition and desire to accomplish all you set out to do.  (25%)

Gemini, the intellectual Air sign, quite capable of thinking many thoughts simultaneously. Communication and speech are extremely important to you. You have a highly developed learning capacity. Your reactions to situations are dictated by the mood of the moment, creating a duality in your personality. To you, variety is the spice of life; however, due to your tendency to spread yourself too thin, a high-strung nature is usually present. You get great pleasure from working with your hands. People are attracted to your charming personality and to your knowledge. You are always open to new experiences. You are prone to fickleness, and demand the freedom to come and go as you please. You do not do well with routines, and are oblivious to time. You are known for making expressive hand movements to enhance your descriptive way with words. You tend to fidget with objects, and appear to lack attentiveness. Easily bored, you must be constantly on the move. You love to collect things, and usually have your pockets stuffed with gadgets and trinkets..  (50%)

You have intuitive insight into matters of truth. You possess a strong will and mental independence. You are concerned with what is good for the human race and will work hard to make the changes needed to reform society. You can be impractical, eccentric and self-destructive at times.  (75%)

You are extremely loyal, but when it comes to ownership--of anything--you are possessive and protective. You will get jealous if you feel that something belonging to you is threatened. You have a tremendous desire for quality not quantity. You are attracted to the classic art forms, and are more appreciative then creative.  (75%)

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