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Since there are always conflicts in life, you will sometimes find that there will likely be some conflicts in the interpretations of your chart in Natal, Horoscope, Synastry and Business Partnership. To enable you to determine which interpretation or event is more predominant, you will find that there is a weighting factor in percentage associated with each interpretation paragraph. With this factor, you can now determine which event is more important by observing which event has a higher percentage if there's a conflict. The weights also allow you to determine which events are more significant.


You can be abrupt and overbearing, but everyone loves you anyway. You carry yourself with such dignity that you never go unnoticed. You are determined to make your mark in society, and will go to great lengths to do that.  (75%)

You manifest your aggressiveness through impulsiveness and anger. You are enthusiastic and attracted to high action activities and careers. You are highly competitive, and you have a real desire to be the first and best at what you do.  (75%)

You have the energy to accomplish much. You will help those less fortunate, and you will get favors from those in positions to help you.   (89%)

You are not one to sit back waiting for others to do things. You are full of energy and capable of taking a position of leadership.   (90%)

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You can make money easily, but you also love to live extravagantly. Your generosity to family and friends often leaves you with little. You do best in a position of authority and don't take orders well if you have to for someone else.  (25%)

You took control of your life at a very young age because you intuitively knew what you wanted from life and how to go about getting it.   (69%)

You attract money; it's easy for you make it. You are lucky when it comes to your career. You work well in fields that require you to work with the public. Women will play an important role in your financial matters.  (75%)

You have great respect for both the young and the old. You feel great responsibility when it comes to your work and your colleagues.   (92%)

You can work in large companies and organizations. You do well in fields related to oil, natural gas, and synthetic products. You are psychically gifted. You work well with those less fortunate and can help in areas of social assistance programs.  (50%)

You are lazy when it comes to working hard for your money. You will have grand schemes but little to back them up, other than the fact that you are a good talker. You are just as likely to be taken by others as you are to take them.   (12%)

You have an ability to find unique and creative ways in which to do your work and earn your living.   (88%)

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You are precise and to the point. Your ideas are always practical and well-thought-out. You plan everything carefully and leave no room for error. You can be critical of the ones you love, especially siblings and close friends.  (25%)

You have an intellectual, precise way of communicating with others. You are charming, entertaining, and will aggressively take action to get what you want.   (89%)

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You are attached to your possessions. You decorate your home with elegance. You are extremely fair in dealing with your family, and you play the role of peacemaker to keep your surroundings harmonious.  (25%)

Your home environment will be active. You will surround yourself with your favorite books, and you will open your door to your friends, peersm and to group meetings.   (84%)

You will take great pride in all you do; however, you tend to take on too much. You should have an office or workroom built into your house so that you won't have any trouble meeting your deadlines.   (81%)

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You have a tendency to dominate your loved ones. You only want the best for them, but sometimes you go a little overboard. You get very possessive and jealous when it comes to your lover. You want to be the only one in their life. You are extremely sensual, and a great lover.  (25%)

You will have problems with children due to drugs, alcohol, or an inability to stick to the truth. You will be inclined to excessive forms of socializing, resulting in overindulgence and overspending. You are always looking to make a fast buck, but you are more likely to lose than to win.   (14%)

You will actively seek entertainment that will provide you with both physical and intellectual challenge, and plenty of interaction with others.   (82%)

You can be aggressive when it comes to relationships. You actively search for individuals who will be able to keep up with your fast pace and love of adventure.   (82%)

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You tend to make things work through your power of positive thought. You are an enthusiastic worker, and you inspire others to work alongside you. You are generous, and will always lend a helping hand to a colleague.  (25%)

You will have heavy work responsibilities. Your perseverance and patience will help you get through all you encounter. Your lowered vitality leaves you open to minor ailments.  (25%)

You will end up taking care of family business. You never overlook an opportunity that leads to advancement.   (89%)

You have a high regard for work, colleagues and employers. You will do your best to meet your deadlines and you'll never back away from a challenge.   (87%)

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You need to be allowed the freedom to come and go as you please in any relationship. You don't always give your partner the same freedom that you insist upon for yourself.  (75%)

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You are greatly affected by the loss of loved ones; however, you are also likely to receive inheritances, gifts and other people's possessions throughout your life.  (25%)

You will lose through unwise investments. You will experience problems with children and you will have encounters with drugs, alcohol and other stimulants. You will overextend yourself and borrow when you know you can't pay back.   (10%)

You are often asked to take care of other people's property, possessions or personal papers due to your responsible nature and your insightful yet practical approach to how you deal with your own issues. Although you tend to be able to make extra money, you are reluctant to let anyone in on your secret insights.   (88%)

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Higher Education

Your beliefs play an important part in your life. You have well-developed intuition and insight, and whenever you are faced with difficulties help simply appears. In many ways, you are quite mystical.  (25%)

Your thirst for knowledge will lead you to distant lands, to the library, or to seminars. You will contribute to worthwhile groups, and will always take positive action if you believe in a cause.   (86%)

Your interest in travel will bring you into contact with interesting people. You are not likely to stay put throughout your life, and the opportunity to travel a lot, or to reside a long way from your birthplace is likely.  (81%)

You will face problems with the law, and you will have to learn to abide by the rules in order to avoid apprehension. You will get involved in secret affairs with individuals who are experts at withholding the truth.   (9%)

You have the desire and the know-how to get the education that will enable you to reach your goals. You are idealistic when it comes to your friends and lovers, but your high standards help you to remain honest and responsible when dealing with those about whom you care.   (90%)

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You put a lot into your professional direction. You are impulsive when it comes to getting things done. You will be hurt easily by criticism or unfair treatment while on the job.  (25%)

You have more power and a greater feeling of freedom. Your status is changing with your career advancements. You can redo old methods and receive praise for your efforts. You succeed by taking advantage of sudden opportunities.  (50%)

You are a master at the arts of love, charm and seduction. You have a strong interest in fashion. You can meet your mate through work-related events. You can achieve your career goals.  (50%)

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You gravitate toward wealthy, stable, well-established people. You are easy to get along with, and have no problem talking your well-to-do friends into backing some of your brilliant ideas.  (25%)

You will get involved in groups of a dubious nature. Don't believe everything you hear; you are not likely to be told the truth.   (13%)

You have connections in high places. Your friends are generous. You mingle with those who can help you get ahead. Your standard of living is high.  (50%)

You will take an active role in organizations you believe in. Leadership is something that you will become quite familiar with throughout your life.   (88%)

You have a lot of friends. You get along well with children. You will be granted favors if you ask. You mingle with those in high places. You can achieve your dreams, hopes and wishes.  (50%)

You will take an active role when it comes to travel or educational pursuits. The knowledge you acquire will enable you to maintain the kind of control that you feel is necessary throughout your life.   (88%)

You can get those in high places to help you get ahead. People will grant you favors. You attract important relationships and you can form lasting business and emotional partnerships.  (25%)

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You tend to keep your ideas to yourself when you should be taking the initiative to present them. You often tell your personal problems to the wrong people.  (25%)

You can expect your secret enemies to surface. You have created your own dilemmas and now you must be prepared to stand your ground or to flee. You will try to get in touch with your inner thoughts and reflect on future possibilities.  (50%)

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Sun Sign and More

You are determined to express yourself at every possible opportunity. You are dignified, energetic and proud. At times you tend to take over and dominate personal situations.  

You want to learn about everything, and are receptive to new ideas. You quickly become tired by individuals who don't offer you intellectual stimulation. You love to talk and are likely to have a wide variety of friends. Your restlessness can lead you in too many different directions or cause you to take on more than you're able to handle..  (25%)

You are a creative and outgoing individual who enjoys being in the spotlight. Your forte is an ability to take control of a situation and turn things around. You are competitive in all you do. You have strong beliefs and opinions, and will not hesitate to force them on others. You are an ardent lover and actively seek affection.  (50%)

Your flexible nature allows you to look at all sides of an issue and, in turn, this gives you the ability to communicate easily and accurately. You have intense curiosity about everything, and sometimes you will do things purely to find out why you shouldn't-- which can lead to problems.  (75%)

You have a happy disposition. You are confident and outgoing, and like to take over and organize anything you get involved in. You sometimes border on being a little conceited and pushy but these tendencies help you get your way. Your loyalty and generosity enhance your popularity.  (50%)

You are creatively self-expressive and have a strong desire for love. Secret affairs, difficulties with children and investments can prevail if you don't maintain high standards of morals and ethics in your dealings. You need to be honest with yourself and with others.  (50%)

You want to dominate your domestic scene; however you sometimes face opposition. Your home environment and those you live with will be unusual. You have a love of nature and an interest in preserving it. You need to help others in order to feel satisfied .  (25%)

You find it easy to concentrate on your goals. You are thorough and disciplined. You're strategically precise and this usually brings good results. Your diplomatic nature wins you favor from those in high positions. You fear disapproval, and your reputation is of utmost importance to you.  (50%)

Gemini, the intellectual Air sign, quite capable of thinking many thoughts simultaneously. Communication and speech are extremely important to you. You have a highly developed learning capacity. Your reactions to situations are dictated by the mood of the moment, creating a duality in your personality. To you, variety is the spice of life; however, due to your tendency to spread yourself too thin, a high-strung nature is usually present. You get great pleasure from working with your hands. People are attracted to your charming personality and to your knowledge. You are always open to new experiences. You are prone to fickleness, and demand the freedom to come and go as you please. You do not do well with routines, and are oblivious to time. You are known for making expressive hand movements to enhance your descriptive way with words. You tend to fidget with objects, and appear to lack attentiveness. Easily bored, you must be constantly on the move. You love to collect things, and usually have your pockets stuffed with gadgets and trinkets..  (50%)

You must follow your own dreams. You have to make accomplishments in order to feel successful and fulfilled. You are daring, courageous and resourceful. You need frequent changes in order to be happy. If things aren't going your way, you can be explosive and impulsive.  (50%)

You are extremely loyal, but when it comes to ownership--of anything--you are possessive and protective. You will get jealous if you feel that something belonging to you is threatened. You have a tremendous desire for quality not quantity. You are attracted to the classic art forms, and are more appreciative then creative.  (75%)

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