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Saturday July 20, 2019

Denzel Washington
December 28, 1954
12:09 am
Mount Vernon, NY

I received a request to take a look at Denzel Washington's chart and although to date I haven't written about this particular Capricorn it isn't because I am not a big fan but more so because he is such a private sort of individual. He loves what he does for a living but he is not a man who flaunts his superstardom nor does he venture far from his family who mean the absolute most to him. Denzel doesn't fit your normal Hollywood image. With his natal Sun and Mercury in the hardworking sign Capricorn and Saturn and Venus in the dedicated sign Scorpio he is just doing his job. Washington also has his natal Jupiter and Uranus in the nurturing homebody sign Cancer with his Moon in an area of his chart that deals with family making his private life that much more precious to him.

Denzel is coming into a very interesting cycle however before it kicks in I believe that this megastar may have to experience some personal difficulties that will leave him choosing between working as much as he can and spending more time at home. When it comes right down to it I don't feel that he will think twice about his decision. Don't let this worry you if you are a Denzel Washington fan because by late 2005 he will be moving into an incredibly high cycle regarding his career and I'm sure that means a plethora of new projects that will allow him to grace the big screen and thrill all his fans around the world.

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