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Saturday February 29, 2020

Ray Ramano
December 21, 1957
Queens, New York

So what's all the fuss about this Ray Ramano guy? I have to admit that I have never watched one of his shows but I've been told over and over again that Everybody Loves Raymond. My first inkling was to set up his chart and see what the man's got going for him. Well it was really know surprise that this Sagittarius funnyman was just as much a Scorpio/Capricorn - in other words the meat and potatoes of his personality. That's right Ray does have the Sagittarius in your face type of personality but behind it is the driving force of the "I mean business" Capricorn and the intensity of the "do it or I'll get you" Scorpio. A combination like this cannot go unnoticed. Ray Ramano definitely has star quality. His overwhelmed, confused but full of good intentions persona is certainly not only in his performance but it is truly embedded in his personality with his natal Uranus opposite his natal Venus squared by his natal Neptune. Now if that does spell confusion about sex, life and love what does? Of course I should mention that this area of his chart is also well aspected by his natal Pluto, Moon and Mercury making it an ideal forum for him to joke about. Actually he is probably using his audience as his therapist regarding these issues. So what's up for Ray - well a little leisure time - probably very little before he is off and running to start several new projects. I do not see This Sagittarius twiddling his thumbs unless it's on the golf course waiting for the players in front of him to move.

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