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Friday February 28, 2020

A word from the AstroAdvice team (May 8, 2000)

The ‘Dear Eugenia’ emails are pouring in ...

We have received hundreds of "Dear Eugenia" emails since the release of the May feature (over 300 in 5 days!) Not surprisingly, most members who wrote in had problems that called for Ms. Last’s response to deliver a sense of comfort in their troubled lives. 

However, as a FREE service, AstroAdvice cannot have Ms. Last answer all the emails. We initially stated that we would select three letters per week. Due to the high volume of emails, I would like to expand the policy of not to disappoint our community members. 

Prior to outlining our proposal, I would like to state that many of Dear Eugenia questions to which we will not answer in this section are:

  • Help making a decision on which lover one should go out with. This is an eternal problem amongst many of us disregarding what race and cultural background one is from. Ms. Last will not answer these questions in this section. Please use our automated Romance Compatibility section to make assessment of how one’s lovers fare. We will offer a different approach to answer such question as outlined later.

  • Help making a decision to end or continue one’s relationship. Ms. Last can only answer such questions in our proposed One on One forum. See below for more information please.

  • Help comforting someone who is prone to complain about life. Ms. Last and AstroAdvice truly desires to upkeep our community spirit to provide help to those who are in need of an answer. Please do not consume our resources unnecessarily. 

Making a decision for someone on which job offer to take. This is an important issue, but this section is really meant to illustrate that Astrology can be used to overcome more complex human problems rather than determining one’s career path. We will offer a different approach to answer these questions in One on One forum that we propose below.

Your Birth Data is a must ...
For those who wonder why we never return an answer:

  • Do not assume that we can look up your user id and password in our database, please include your birth date, time and place (the closest major city) in your email.

  • Double check your email address is indeed correct in the UPDATE MEMBER INFORMATION in the main menu so that we can contact you for any major event that is discussed below.

Please tell us the city and country you are currently residing.

The ‘Dear Eugenia’ emails are meant to illustrate how astrology really works. It is our intention to use astrological timing to answer many difficulties in life. However, the replies Ms. Last and AstroAdvice provide can only be as accurate as the information that our members provide us with. If your question involves a third party or individual, please include their accurate birth data (place, time and date).

Our solution ...

  • More emails will be answered ...
    Once a day from Monday to Friday, we will pick a maximum of 2 letters that Ms. Last will answer. 

  • One-on-One Forum…
    We will host regional one-on-one forum in which each attendant will be given an opportunity to pose ONE question to Eugenia in the forum. Ms. Last will immediately cast one’s birth chart and answer one’s questions. See our first ever One-on-One forum in Singapore in May 2000. Participate in our survey so that we can organize such forums in your area soon!Our Survey will be released by mid May.

The August forum was held in Hilton Hotel, Toronto. Over 75 of our North American members participated in the gathering.

Each attendant was given an opportunity to ask a question to which Ms. Last would work out one’s chart and deliver the timing and an answer.

Ms. Last in the midst of answering a question for one of our members.


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