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Career goals utilize the skills you use to subordinate yourself to larger public responsibilities or demands. These goals also can determine your duties, your field of work, and your employer.


You are serious about everything you do, including work. You will never take on a project unless you know that you can give it your all. Your main concern is not how much you make or your position in society, but rather how you can help those less fortunate while doing what you do best and enjoy most.

You tend to inherit money, possessions or the debts of relatives. Money is not important to you, and you're likely to get satisfaction from pursuing interests that are not necessarily lucrative. While not overly concerned about financial security, you do tend to be prudent.

You do best in professions of a humane nature that require intellectual skill and stamina. These include surgery, psychiatry, defense service, engineering, genetics, drama, banking or investments, the clergy, or involvement with a mortuary.

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Self goals describe the skills you use to compete with others. Self goals give you a sense of individuality, separateness, and freedom from the crowd. These goals also can describe your physical appearance and outward manner, and the behavior that makes you feel fit and self- confident.


You are extremely disciplined, systematic and hardworking. Your patience is well above normal. You always have a set purpose and hate to waste time doing things that lead nowhere. You tend to be serious. You focus on goals and rarely deviate from your plans. You are highly persistent and will never be happy with yourself unless you develop into the sort of person you consider to be important. You will use your intuition to further your goals. You are steady, surefooted, and leave little to chance.

You are cautious when dealing with others and you will only respect and befriend those who are worthy of your time. You expect a lot from family, friends and colleagues, and won't give the time of day to anyone who is happy just to sit back and let others do things for them.

You are a ferocious competitor and will draw on your strength and stamina in order to outmanipulate and maneuver anyone who entertains the thought of beating you on any playing field, be it intellectual or physical. You will not back down and are someone who never gives up.

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Partnership goals embrace the skills you use to cooperate with others in close personal exchanges. These goals also tend to describe the sort of people you desire to attract, either as friends or as "worthy" opponents, as well as your personal style of loving and sharing.


In love relationships you are prone to sulking and daydreaming, and you can be idealistic about the role you play. You love beautiful lovers, but you insist that the love of your life be a good conversationalist as well. Once you fall in love, you are possessive and expect a lot from your mate. You cling to your memories, to old friends and to habits, and you resist any form of change. You are generally lucky in love and usually attract exceptional mates.

You need to be handled with tender loving care. You will turn away from an overly aggressive partner. You're the type of lover who will sacrifice everything for your family and for your mate. You love to be romanced and praised for all the little extras you provide. You love to cuddle and hug, and cannot be happy living with someone who is cool, detached, and disinterested in contributing to family. Your sensitive nature can be difficult to deal with.

You are often misunderstood at an emotional level. You need a mate who is able to understand and respect your tender-heartedness.

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Family goals encompass the skills you use to supervise your family, your children, and your subordinates. These goals also can apply to your home, your relationship to your family, and your community.


You take great pride in your home and love to spend time there. As a result, you will make sure that your place is inviting. Your approach to decor is conservative. You love antiques and fine pieces of furniture; good, solid quality and comfort are most important to you. You like the exterior surroundings of your house to be beautiful, too, and will landscape to achieve precisely the look you want.

You are family oriented and will always put your loved ones first. You are stubborn when it comes to your likes and dislikes, and you have a tendency to rule your domain with an iron hand. You expect discipline and respect from your entire family.

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