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Career goals utilize the skills you use to subordinate yourself to larger public responsibilities or demands. These goals also can determine your duties, your field of work, and your employer.


You find it easy to make money, but you rarely end up with much. You spend quickly, never bother bartering, and basically believe that money is meant to be spent. You don't care enough about possessions or security to make earning an important part of your life. You are attracted to jobs that provide challenge, excitement and adventure, rather than security and financial payoffs.

You are an easy come easy go type of person who is more concerned with enjoying what you do professionally than with how much you make. You cannot exist in a routine job that offers nothing but repetition. You would rather create something new than to rework old, dull, boring things over and over again.

You prefer occupations that require brainwork as well as manual dexterity. Travel, transportation, education, journalism, literature, public relations, sales, entertainment, medicine, and communications are vocations at which you will excel.

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Self goals describe the skills you use to compete with others. Self goals give you a sense of individuality, separateness, and freedom from the crowd. These goals also can describe your physical appearance and outward manner, and the behavior that makes you feel fit and self- confident.


You want everything to be perfect. You express yourself in explicit terms, and rarely leave anything to chance. You are well-organized and excellent at formulating ideas and putting them into motion. Your main concern in all things is quality, not quantity.

You pay great attention to detail. You always want things to be organized. You have a thirst for knowledge. You are very efficient and have a strong work ethic. You are critical of yourself and of others, and you seek perfection in all you do. You tend to overworry and overwork, and you must learn to relax. You are kind to those you care about, although you often appear to be cool.

You will always treat the ones you love with great respect but you also have very high expectations when it comes to life goals. You will be strict and self-disciplined in order to succeed, and you insist that those close to you do the same.

You are not one to search for competitors, but you are constantly competing with yourself. You strive for perfection in all that you do, and you will never back away from an intellectual contest.

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Partnership goals embrace the skills you use to cooperate with others in close personal exchanges. These goals also tend to describe the sort of people you desire to attract, either as friends or as "worthy" opponents, as well as your personal style of loving and sharing.


You are sensitive and passionate, but somewhat unstable. You are attracted to strong sexual partners . You can be extremely changeable, saying one thing to your lover, then turning around and doing the exact opposite. You are very intuitive when it comes to acquaintances, yet quite blind to the defects of those you love. You have to go first class, and will overextend yourself financially in order to shower your mate with expensive gifts.

You are intuitive, responsive and sensual. You are drawn to creative or occult subjects. You are empathetic to those who have problems, and, as a result, you often get used. You are a great one for fantasizing and for acting out your desires. Your biggest problem is your tendency to pick the wrong mate, resulting in your having extramarital affairs in order to get the affection you need for your survival. You are prone to tears and extremely good at using emotional blackmail.

Your ability to play both ends against the middle enables you to manipulate most potential lovers.

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Family goals encompass the skills you use to supervise your family, your children, and your subordinates. These goals also can apply to your home, your relationship to your family, and your community.


You prefer the great outdoors but, given your choice of home environment, you like open concepts that allow you to feel less confined. You dislike carrying a lot of baggage, so you decorate sparingly. You are not one to settle for too long in any one place and, therefore, you don't always unpack all your boxes right after a move. You are inclined to make sure that you have a great entertainment center before you begin acquiring basic necessities. Not being of a domestic nature, you prefer to hire someone to clean for you, and so you're not likely to purchase much in the way of cleaning equipment.

You love family but you also love your freedom. You often reside far from your birthplace, and are not likely to spend very much time with your siblings and parents. You yearn to keep moving--meeting and experiencing new people and things; therefore you tend not to get too attached to loved ones.

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