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Career goals utilize the skills you use to subordinate yourself to larger public responsibilities or demands. These goals also can determine your duties, your field of work, and your employer.


You will work hard for cash but you will also spend whatever you earn. You like to gamble and think nothing of lending cash. You do well in professions that are challenging, that require energy, and are adventurous.

Although you are capable of making money, your prime concern is receiving recognition for your efforts. You are always willing to work and do best when given the freedom to do a job in your own particular way. You are usually happier working for yourself, as you find it difficult to take orders from others.

You would make a good surgeon; a butcher or farmer or animal trainer; a sportsman, a promoter, an engineer, or a race car driver.

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Self goals describe the skills you use to compete with others. Self goals give you a sense of individuality, separateness, and freedom from the crowd. These goals also can describe your physical appearance and outward manner, and the behavior that makes you feel fit and self- confident.


You tend to be abrupt and overbearing, but everyone loves you anyway. You carry yourself with such dignity that you never go unnoticed. You are determined to make your mark in society and will go to great lengths to do that. You are dignified and dramatic, and display your personality traits openly and boldly. You are colorful, flamboyant, and bask in the limelight. For you, life is a stage and yours is the leading role.

You are generous with those you love; however you are also demanding and expect others to put up with your whims. In your world, everything and everyone revolves around you. But for those who are able to live in your world, you will take care of their every need.

You believe in fair play and will always enter any competition with one thing in mind: winning. Nothing else matters to you when the games begin. You love physical activities that allow you to show your strength and endurance. However, when given the chance to show your intellectual acumen, you will always stand tall and carry yourself like the authority figure that you want everyone to believe you are.

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Partnership goals embrace the skills you use to cooperate with others in close personal exchanges. These goals also tend to describe the sort of people you desire to attract, either as friends or as "worthy" opponents, as well as your personal style of loving and sharing.


You need to be intrigued before you will make your move toward a perspective mate. Mind contact is a necessity for your sexual fulfillment. You are generous, open and sincere to those you care about. You like to get involved in your mate's interests. You will search for answers and truth in any relationship. You are somewhat shy and will often wait for someone else to make the first move. You can't live within a relationship that is restrictive in any way. Although you appear to be outwardly cool, you are really quite emotional and tenderhearted. When it comes to sexual encounters, you are very imaginative. However, you also have erotic fantasies. You will seek a partner who is willing to satisfy your relentless pursuit of intense sexual experiences. You fall in love quickly, but you're hesitant about committing completely to anyone.

You have high standards and insist on being treated with respect. You will not compromise. You are sensitive and intellectual; you like parties and people. You are honest and direct, and will bare your soul to those you care about. You are very giving, always willing to offer advice to those in trouble. You are capable of doing a man's job and seldom pick your mate based on what he can do for you. You love to travel, and must feel independent. You require a great deal of love and companionship; however, it must be on your terms. You are not particularly eager to marry, and what you seek most is intellectual stimulation.

You tend to match up to most signs in a friendly manner, but when it comes to love some signs are better than others.

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Family goals encompass the skills you use to supervise your family, your children, and your subordinates. These goals also can apply to your home, your relationship to your family, and your community.


Your home reflects your sophisticated charm and elegance. You must have beautiful surroundings in order to feel good. You are extremely sensitive to your environment, and it must be pleasing to the senses in order for you to be happy. You will spend however much is necessary in order to have things exactly the way you want, and you will strive to make your dwelling as harmonious as possible. You will always use soft colors and fabrics to get the peaceful setting you require for your own emotional well-being.

You do love family but you are one to take care of yourself. You will actively search for ways to keep the peace, and you find it impossible to live with individuals who are in constant turmoil.

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