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Since there are always conflicts in life, you will sometimes find that there will likely be some conflicts in the interpretations of your chart in Natal, Horoscope, Synastry and Business Partnership. To enable you to determine which interpretation or event is more predominant, you will find that there is a weighting factor in percentage associated with each interpretation paragraph. With this factor, you can now determine which event is more important by observing which event has a higher percentage if there's a conflict. The weights also allow you to determine which events are more significant.


You are extremely disciplined, systematic and hard-working. Your patience is above normal. You always have a purpose in mind and hate to waste time doing things that lead nowhere. You tend to be quite serious. You focus on your goals and rarely deviate from your plans.  (25%)

You are emotionally impulsive, and that can get you in trouble with your partners throughout life. You must learn to think before you act.   (55%)

You manifest your aggressiveness through impulsiveness and anger. You are enthusiastic and attracted to high action activities and careers. You are highly competitive, and you have a real desire to be the first and best at what you do.  (75%)

You have the energy to accomplish much. You will help those less fortunate, and you will get favors from those in positions to help you.   (89%)

Aggressive action will lead to problems at work and at home. Your temper must be controlled, or limitations and frustrations will occur.   (5%)

You are impulsive and that can get you into trouble with your partners throughout life. You must learn to think before you act.   (63%)

You experience many mood swings. You are an emotional, sensitive dreamer. Your imagination is vivid. You are popular because of your empathetic nature. You are more likely to get wrapped up in the melodramas of the circumstances surrounding you than in your own personal problems.  (50%)

You will express yourself with unfiltered truthfulness. Your genuine warmth and affection will be welcomed by friends and family alike.   (96%)

You are emotionally excessive and self-indulgent. You must be careful not to live beyond your means.   (9%)

Sudden and unexpected changes occur in your attitudes. You will disassociate yourself from past conditions with ease. You show great nervous tension. You're independent and free-spirited, and the way you act is often upsetting to those more conventional.  (50%)

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You tend to be too generous in professional and in money matters. You often do too much for too little. You are a dreamer with great vision, but often your ideas are not practical. You usually land on your feet because someone is always looking out for you.  (50%)

You have good business and financial sense. You can earn money in communications work. You spend your money wisely.  (50%)

You will use your intellectual knowledge aggressively to reach your goals regarding your beliefs, your position and your home environment.   (88%)

You have a strong tie to your home and family. You will express yourself with warmth, generosity and affection.   (91%)

Money is the key to your happiness. You like to acquire material things. Your status is also of utmost importance and you'll work hard to be in the right circles. You are protected throughout life by older members of your family.  (50%)

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You are aggressive when it comes to getting your point across. You can create tension if anyone opposes you. You are always willing to try something new, but you don't like to take orders or listen to any advice being offered.  (50%)

You will study hard to reach your goals. You are hard on yourself and on those you care about.   (66%)

You get involved in serious intellectual careers requiring concentration, detail and precision. You are a lifelong student, always seeking greater knowledge. Your best relations are with serious-minded individuals.  (50%)

You will study hard to reach your goals. You are hard on yourself and on those you care about.   (65%)

You are understanding and get along well with your siblings, relatives and neighbors. You are affectionate with your friends and family. You have a sensual quality to your body language. You love to take pleasure trips.  (50%)

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You like your home to be a place of comfort and beauty, and you will work hard to achieve that. You will create a caring and warm environment for your loved ones.  (50%)

Your home environment will be active. You will surround yourself with your favorite books, and you will open your door to your friends, peers and group meetings.   (88%)

You have a great love of home and family, and will work diligently to make your surroundings comfortable.  (89%)

You will take on added responsibilities when it comes to family burdens. You are conservative in your decorating, and are more concerned with the function of things than with the way they look.   (65%)

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You get your pleasure from intellectual pursuits. You love to travel, and prefer the company of those who can provide you with knowledge. You enjoy the intellectual pursuits of your children, and will always help them accomplish their goals.  (50%)

You will have changes in your relationships with your children. They will vie for power and you'll be reluctant to comply. You are capable of powerful and intense love. You are often attracted to someone who has totally different qualities and likes. You need to be free to express yourself creatively.  (50%)

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You like to work in large organizations where you can fade into the background and work quietly on your own. You get upset easily if someone criticizes your work.  (50%)

You will work diligently in a service that benefits the public. You use spiritual, psychic methods, and homeopathic means of healing. You like to work on your own.  (25%)

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You are very close to your partner and like to share every facet of life with them. You usually attract individuals who feel exactly the same way. You often work professionally with your spouse or lover.  (25%)

You love to travel and to interact with individuals you find knowledgeable. You are not one to sit around and do nothing, and you will always be involved with partners who are just as outgoing and active as you are.   (87%)

You are openly affectionate with your partner. You love to spend time visiting friends and relatives. You have an interest in history and genealogy.   (90%)

You will have strong reactions to inharmonious interactions. You will attract partners who will use force to make you do things or see things their way. You will leave a relationship that is just too stressful for you to put up with.   (52%)

You are openly affectionate with your partner. You love to spend time visiting friends and relatives. You have an interest in history and genealogy.   (84%)

You will attract partners who will cost you too much. Your emotional well-being will be influenced by your partner. You are prone to tears and emotional outbursts.   (11%)

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You are quick to react to any situation that could be potentially dangerous. You are concerned with matters regarding your health. You are willing to work alongside your partner in order to increase your family's earning potential.  (50%)

You will put a lot of time, effort and thought into getting ahead financially through business, as well as through the investments you make.   (89%)

You can make money through investments or working with products or services for the home. You will come into money through inheritance or family investments.   (89%)

You are not one to get involved in fast-cash schemes. You are reserved in your investments and cautious when dealing with other people's money or possessions; as a result, you are often asked to take care of personal papers for others. You must take proper care of your health, as chronic ailments are likely to plague you.   (65%)

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Higher Education

You lean toward travel, pleasure, and keeping the peace. Your diplomatic charm draws others to you. You don't want to be a leader, but you often have followers.  (50%)

You have good experiences while traveling, and you pick up a lot of valuable information while doing so. You can make good business deals with those from distant places. You can work well as a diplomat or at being a representative in your chosen field. You will have a good reputation with those familiar with your work.  (75%)

You will experience difficulties in foreign countries, or when dealing with educational institutions. You will be taken for granted by your co-workers and your employers.   (13%)

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You don't wish to be above others, and you don't want anyone telling you what to do. You like to follow your own unique path, creating all sorts of new ways of doing things.  (50%)

You are blind to the defects of the one you love. Your emotional well-being will be influenced by your partner. You are prone to tears and emotional outbursts.   (12%)

You are in search of status; but be careful. At times your emotions will stand in the way of your better judgment. You must make your decisions based on serious thought, not on impulses.   (65%)

Your involvement with investment groups, large corporations, government agencies or institutions will pay off. You will aggressively go after your business and financial goals.   (87%)

You will not get along well with others. You will face obstacles where your career pursuits are concerned, due to your negative and sarcastic attitude.   (10%)

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You attract famous and optimistic friends. You are easily inspired by the company you keep. You like to join large organizations that will enable you to expand your circle of friends.  (50%)

You will try to do things on too grand a scale and, as a result, fall short of your expectations, or run out of money.   (16%)

You will not help anyone unless you feel that they are deserving. You are willing to give advice but you won't pay for the mistakes of others.   (63%)

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You have the discipline to accomplish your goals. You're able to work diligently behind the scenes until you complete your tasks. You can be trusted with secrets and, as a result, make a loyal friend.  (50%)

You are responsible when it comes to any red tape issues. You play by the rules and you avoid any form of trouble. Confinement is not something that you handle well. Health problems will prevail if you don't take care of yourself.  (68%)

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Sun Sign and More

You are a hard-working, patient individual. Serious, melancholy and reserved; you like everything to be laid out clearly, and prefer to incorporate regular routine into your everyday life.  

You have strong beliefs and are interested in unusual and intriguing subjects. You love to be privy to secret information, and are excellent at ferreting out such knowledge. You won't do anything unless you can give it your all. You make a loyal friend and an unrelenting enemy.  (50%)

You need to feel completely independent in order to be happy. You always want to do things your way, regardless of the consequences. You are your own worst enemy, and at times will proceed with faulty plans even though you know the end result will probably not be advantageous.  (50%)

You are decisive, competitive, and fond of debates. You have the ability to think clearly, but can show extreme impatience and impulsive behavior when you don't get your way.  (50%)

Your strong need for independence can lead to loneliness. Your humanitarian nature draws people to you, but you tend to keep others at a distance for your own comfort. You are intuitive, eccentric and unconventional. Nervous tension, erratic behavior and unpredictability must be controlled.  (50%)

You are strongly attached to your home and family. You probably have family members who are unusual, or have family secrets that you'd prefer not to discuss. Your intuition is well-developed, and you need to live in a peaceful environment.  (75%)

You have a penetrating mind. You express your opinions loudly and clearly, and leave little room for opposition. You have original ideas and can be forceful in getting your own way. You often fall heir to secret information.  (50%)

You need to be disciplined and work hard if you want to achieve a stable and secure environment. You require financial independence in order to feel successful and happy. You have a tendency to be excessive when it comes to your material desires.  (50%)

Aries is the sign of new beginnings, the pioneer of the zodiac. Aggressive and full of creative energy and enthusiasm which enables you to initiate change. Your drive and impatience can cause you to act before you think-- making you your own worst enemy. You are a doer, often having trouble with authority figures due to your inability to take orders or to listen to good advice. You are highly competitive and usually enjoy both physical and mental pursuits. You are a leader not a follower. You seek recognition more than wealth, and you often use aggressive force rather then diplomacy to get what you desire. Much of your success comes from your refusal to admit defeat.  (75%)

You want to make changes in government and in business policies. You have strong ambition when it comes to your professional goals. You will reach for the top and refuse to settle for anything less then the best. You have the ability to combine the old with the new and to come up with something that pleases everyone. You must be careful not to overextend yourself for selfish motives.  (50%)

You are extremely loyal, but when it comes to ownership--of anything--you are possessive and protective. You will get jealous if you feel that something belonging to you is threatened. You have a tremendous desire for quality not quantity. You are attracted to the classic art forms, and are more appreciative then creative.  (75%)

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