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Since there are always conflicts in life, you will sometimes find that there will likely be some conflicts in the interpretations of your chart in Natal, Horoscope, Synastry and Business Partnership. To enable you to determine which interpretation or event is more predominant, you will find that there is a weighting factor in percentage associated with each interpretation paragraph. With this factor, you can now determine which event is more important by observing which event has a higher percentage if there's a conflict. The weights also allow you to determine which events are more significant.


You tend to be moody. You expend a lot of energy dealing with your feelings. You are a romantic and will express yourself in a dramatic way with those whom you become intimate. You crave the family life and will suffer emotionally if your home environment isn't amicable.  (25%)

You are highly passionate. You communicate aggressively. You get to the bottom of any situation. You work toward creative ends.  (75%)

You lack consideration for your loved ones. Jealousy is likely to cause problems in your personal relationships.   (13%)

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You can make money easily, but you also love to live extravagantly. Your generosity to family and friends often leaves you with little. You do best in a position of authority and don't take orders well if you have to for someone else.  (25%)

You can work in large companies and organizations. You do well in fields related to oil, natural gas, and synthetic products. You are psychically gifted. You work well with those less fortunate and can help in areas of social assistance programs.  (50%)

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You are precise and to the point. Your ideas are always practical and well-thought-out. You plan everything carefully and leave no room for error. You can be critical of the ones you love, especially siblings and close friends.  (25%)

You will have conflicts with co-workers and authority figures. Play by the rules to avoid such occurrences.   (13%)

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You are attached to your possessions. You decorate your home with elegance. You are extremely fair in dealing with your family, and you play the role of peacemaker to keep your surroundings harmonious.  (25%)

You are responsible in matters pertaining to money, home and security. You can be trusted to do what you say. Your honest no-nonsense approach to life may appear cool to others, but it comes from the heart and can be trusted.   (89%)

You will overextend yourself on the home front. Stop and think before you spend money you can't afford. You must learn to say no to household members. Arguments with your immediate family are probable. Situations are likely to get blown out of proportion and result in a major conflict.   (14%)

Sexual jealousy will cause problems in your personal relationships. You will be drawn toward the wrong people and must learn to be discriminating in your choices.   (13%)

Sexual jealousy will cause problems in your personal relationships. You will be drawn toward the wrong people and must learn to be discriminating in your choices.   (13%)

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You have a tendency to dominate your loved ones. You only want the best for them, but sometimes you go a little overboard. You get very possessive and jealous when it comes to your lover. You want to be the only one in their life. You are extremely sensual, and a great lover.  (25%)

You attract unusual and exciting partners. You are outgoing and friendly, and you will experience great popularity throughout your life. You love children, and will have a good rapport with them.   (91%)

You have the precision and workmanship to do something creative. You are a loyal and responsible friend and lover, and will always be on hand to help the ones you love.   (89%)

Gambling and overindulgence will be your downfall. You will be inclined to try physical activities that are too difficult and that will result in injury. Poor treatment when you are a child or towards children is likely. You must not let your temper get out of control.   (9%)

You will find it difficult to be moderate in your expenditures, especially when it comes to entertainment, gambling and spending on children.   (14%)

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You tend to make things work through your power of positive thought. You are an enthusiastic worker, and you inspire others to work alongside you. You are generous, and will always lend a helping hand to a colleague.  (25%)

You will have heavy work responsibilities. Your perseverance and patience will help you get through all you encounter. Your lowered vitality leaves you open to minor ailments.  (25%)

You will find it difficult to get along with your colleagues and employers, You will be accident-prone due to your lack of concentration while traveling. You will attract individuals who are forever wanting to argue with you. You will have problems deciding what educational pursuits to follow.   (13%)

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You tend to be cautious and reserved when it comes to your partnerships. You are a little shy, not one to enjoy large crowds. You will only form a committed relationship when you are one hundred percent sure that it will work.  (25%)

You are not likely to stay in one relationship for life. You will attract individuals who try to curtail your freedom and this will make it difficult for you. Changes in your home can be expected, especially just when you're convinced that everything is stable.   (12%)

You attract unique and interesting partners. You can meet potential mates through travel and social activities that you get involved in. You have a thirst for knowledge and are intrigued by the different philosophies of life.   (88%)

You are not likely to stay in one relationship for life. You will attract individuals who try to curtail your freedom, and this will make it difficult for you. Changes in your home can be expected, especially just when you're thinking that everything is stable.   (12%)

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You are greatly affected by the loss of loved ones; however, you are also likely to receive inheritances, gifts and other people's possessions throughout your life.  (25%)

Your overactive mind is creating the most unusual dreams. You have fears but you aren't quite sure what provoked them. You will have trouble getting ahead financially.  (25%)

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Higher Education

Your beliefs play an important part in your life. You have well-developed intuition and insight, and whenever you are faced with difficulties help simply appears. In many ways, you are quite mystical.  (25%)

You are a welcome member of any organization. Your hard-working disciplined manner will ensure that the important jobs get taken care of. You travel for wisdom, rather than pleasure, and you study subjects that you know will help you achieve your goals.   (89%)

You will fight for your beliefs and convictions. You can lean toward fanaticism. You have a problem dealing with foreigners.  (50%)

You will be inclined to pursue unwise courses of study. Traveling to countries where there is the possibility of unrest will be detrimental to your life situation. You are prone to accidents and apprehension, if you don't abide by the rules and regulations of whatever country you happen to be in.   (5%)

You love to debate social and philosophical issues. You love to read and you are a great scholar. You are a world citizen and find yourself visiting foreign countries.  (25%)

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You put a lot into your professional direction. You are impulsive when it comes to getting things done. You will be hurt easily by criticism or unfair treatment while on the job.  (25%)

A successful career is important. You will strive to reach your goals. Your position in society is important to you. Leadership is your calling. You like to be in the driver's seat.  (50%)

You are a mover and a shaker, and focused on getting ahead professionally. Other people will help your cause because they believe in your abilities.You will fall heir to secret information or family inheritances.   (89%)

You will find it difficult to stay in one line of work. Just when you think your job is secure something is likely to arise that could result in unemployment.   (14%)

You have more power and a greater feeling of freedom. Your status is changing with your career advancements. You can redo old methods and receive praise for your efforts. You succeed by taking advantage of sudden opportunities.  (50%)

Professional setbacks will be due to conflicts and ego clashes. Partnerships will not be in your best interest. You will take drastic measures to get ahead and therefore you will be subject to scrutiny.   (13%)

You are a master at the arts of love, charm and seduction. You have a strong interest in fashion. You can meet your mate through work-related events. You can achieve your career goals.  (50%)

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You gravitate toward wealthy, stable, well-established people. You are easy to get along with, and have no problem talking your well-to-do friends into backing some of your brilliant ideas.  (25%)

You have concern for those less fortunate than yourself. You will work hard to make a difference to others. You are eager to learn, and a born traveller. You will attract many acquaintances, and those in a position to help will almost always grant you favors.   (92%)

You have connections in high places. Your friends are generous. You mingle with those who can help you get ahead. Your standard of living is high.  (50%)

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You tend to keep your ideas to yourself when you should be taking the initiative to present them. You often tell your personal problems to the wrong people.  (25%)

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Sun Sign and More

You are emotional, sensitive, and a romantic. Your commitment to family is second to none. You dislike making changes, and are reluctant to go along with changes that others try to force on you.  

You want to learn about everything, and are receptive to new ideas. You quickly become tired by individuals who don't offer you intellectual stimulation. You love to talk and are likely to have a wide variety of friends. Your restlessness can lead you in too many different directions or cause you to take on more than you're able to handle..  (25%)

You are highly emotional and will act accordingly when faced with a problem. You are prone to tears and are an expert when it comes to emotional manipulation. You need periods of quiet in order to restore your energies. You need to distract yourself with creative projects.  (50%)

You have a vivid imagination and well-developed intuition. Your thoughts concerning others are not usually too far from the truth. You need to learn to follow your gut feelings and take action. Your are extremely creative, but you must control your escapist tendencies.  

Your strong need for independence can lead to loneliness. Your humanitarian nature draws people to you, but you tend to keep others at a distance for your own comfort. You are intuitive, eccentric and unconventional. Nervous tension, erratic behavior and unpredictability must be controlled.  (50%)

You are used to sacrificing. Your intuitive understanding of improving work methods and procedures will help you achieve success. You are fond of pets, and lean toward helping those less fortunate. You have a great bedside manner, and can make others feel better.  (25%)

You want to dominate your domestic scene; however you sometimes face opposition. Your home environment and those you live with will be unusual. You have a love of nature and an interest in preserving it. You need to help others in order to feel satisfied .  (25%)

You have strong ambitions for power, status and authority. You need to reach your goals in order to feel successful and happy. You will work relentlessly if you think it will bring you the rewards you seek. You are conservative in outlook and have a strong sense of family pride.  (75%)

Aries is the sign of new beginnings, the pioneer of the zodiac. Aggressive and full of creative energy and enthusiasm which enables you to initiate change. Your drive and impatience can cause you to act before you think-- making you your own worst enemy. You are a doer, often having trouble with authority figures due to your inability to take orders or to listen to good advice. You are highly competitive and usually enjoy both physical and mental pursuits. You are a leader not a follower. You seek recognition more than wealth, and you often use aggressive force rather then diplomacy to get what you desire. Much of your success comes from your refusal to admit defeat.  (75%)

You must follow your own dreams. You have to make accomplishments in order to feel successful and fulfilled. You are daring, courageous and resourceful. You need frequent changes in order to be happy. If things aren't going your way, you can be explosive and impulsive.  (50%)

You are aggressive in all you do. You demand attention and tend to be self-centered. You are passionate when it comes to love and romance, and you are competitive with everyone. You are creative, and prefer modern art forms.  (25%)

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