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Since there are always conflicts in life, you will sometimes find that there will likely be some conflicts in the interpretations of your chart in Natal, Horoscope, Synastry and Business Partnership. To enable you to determine which interpretation or event is more predominant, you will find that there is a weighting factor in percentage associated with each interpretation paragraph. With this factor, you can now determine which event is more important by observing which event has a higher percentage if there's a conflict. The weights also allow you to determine which events are more significant.


You are sympathetic and compassionate. You have mystical insight and intuition. These qualities allow you to tune in to the thoughts and feelings of those around you. You need to have an outlet for your creativity. You are not one to listen to others or take orders, but follow instead that small voice within you.  (25%)

You tend to look inward. You're reserved in your approach to life . You're calm and disciplined and mature in your interactions. You stick to routines and schedules.  (75%)

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You are an entrepreneur. You need to follow your dreams, and will put great energy into turning your ideas into reality. You love to start new projects, but you often have a problem finishing them. You can make money, but you spend it impulsively, so it's unlikely you'll accumulate a fortune.  (25%)

You are attracted to professions that lean toward the abstract. You do well in fields that deal with electronics and technology. You need to follow careers that promise both mental and physical stimulation. You can do well if you pursue professions that deal with sports, fitness or sales.   (86%)

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You like to take your time and make your decisions slowly and methodically. You are stubborn, reluctant to make a change once you've made up your mind, even if you know you should. You tend to think in monetary terms, and will generally show increased interest when talking about finances.  (25%)

You have an intuitive mind. You visualize with such clarity that it often takes you by surprise. You have an interest in occult subjects.   (69%)

You love all sorts of unusual forms of entertainment. Your attitudes and opinions are quite changeable.   (84%)

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You need change and rarely will remain in one location for any length of time. You tend to provide an intellectual environment, and will always have lots of books around your home. You love to communicate with family and will always open your door to others.  (25%)

You have strong ties to home and family. You are likely to have an unusual parent or someone close to you who has a different outlook. Family secrets are likely to be present.   (68%)

You are not one to stay at the same place of employment for too long, especially if you aren't moving up the ladder quickly.   (87%)

You will experience problems with loved ones due to a lack of affection. You are likely to end up taking care of family matters.   (13%)

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You are very emotional about your lover. You tend to smother and cling to those you care about. You enjoy eating, and tend to put on weight as you get older.  (25%)

You will not be one to enjoy the finer things in life. You are not into spending on entertainment or frivolous things. You are strict with children and rarely end up having a close, loving relationship with them.   (12%)

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You like to be in a position of authority at work. You tend to dominate your colleagues, and you like to be the one to present the ideas. You do best working for yourself.  (25%)

You will be successful at work, and can expect promotions. You are enthusiastic and lively, and do your job well. You aren't likely to suffer health ailments. You have a fondness for pets. You have a healing effect on people who are sick.  (25%)

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You attract partners who are willing to work hard to make your partnership perfect. You will find yourself much better organized with this type of individual by your side.  (25%)

You will have an innate ability to choose your partners wisely. You will have an interest in foreign cultures and occult subjects.   (88%)

Your partners and associates are changing. You are ending relationships that are no longer in your best interest. This is not the time to start new friendships. Look within in order to transform your life.  (25%)

You will enjoy a variety of entertainment. You have a curiosity about distant lands. Your creative imagination is well-developed.   (87%)

You are attracted to unusual partnerships. You need a certain amount of freedom to come and go as you please within any type of business or emotional connection. Sudden changes regarding your status are likely.  (50%)

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You prefer to do things in partnership. Joint financial ventures are attractive to you. You feel a sense of security if you are not forced to take care of legal and financial affairs by yourself.  (25%)

You will experience sentimentality, and loss or sorrow regarding loved ones. Expect to receive gifts, winnings or money that you don't have to work for.  (25%)

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Higher Education

You are a crusader. You will fight to the bitter end for your convictions. You are not one to take a back seat, and will always lead the way in a group or organization.  (25%)

You have an interest in philosophy, meditation, and unusual cultures or beliefs. You are intuitively knowledgeable. You will have problems with relatives or peers at different times throughout your life.   (65%)

You love to interact with others. You are always in search of knowledge. You will join groups and organizations that intrigue you.   (89%)

You love to debate social and philosophical issues. You love to read and you are a great scholar. You are a world citizen and find yourself visiting foreign countries.  (25%)

You will be drawn toward spiritual teachers. Your intuition is good and your ability to understand the needs of friends and relatives is uncanny.   (91%)

You enjoy philosophical studies. You love to delve into the spiritual plane. You travel by sea, and you like to explore foreign countries. You must avoid charlatans and those having fanatical beliefs.  (50%)

You are likely to end up living a distance from your birthplace or you will do a lot of traveling throughout your life. You get along well with foreigners and you have a strong interest in cultural knowledge. You are enlightened by philosophy and you are a great scholar.  (50%)

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You have great vision, and when you implement it into your profession you can excel. You are extremely generous when it comes to putting people together in your chosen field.  (25%)

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You look for security and gravitate toward individuals who are stable, loyal and conservative. You are looking for friendship more than for people who can help you get ahead.  (25%)

Friendship is a spontaneous and impulsive occurrence. You are generous, frank and outgoing. You can get out of control when it comes to love. Your passion is deep. You get involved in projects that demand high energy.  (50%)

You will be persistent in your approach to love, partnerships, and taking a position of leadership when given the chance. You have a need to do what's best for others, and you are capable of accomplishing things others would be afraid even to consider.   (92%)

You will incur hardships and obstacles with your financial dealings throughout life. You will learn your lessons the hard way, when it comes to your investments.   (13%)

Your social life is of utmost importance to you. Your friends have a strong influence on you. You should join groups that have worthwhile causes.  (50%)

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You have to learn to learn not to be so vocal about your troubles . Letting your personal life interfere with your professional will be your downfall.  (25%)

You will be attracted to secret groups or intrigues. You will have insightful vision into other people's motives.  (87%)

You are capable of great accomplishments. Your unique ideas coupled with your intuitive awareness result in good timing.  (92%)

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Sun Sign and More

You are sympathetic, adaptable, and insightful. Your accomplishments are directly linked to your intuitive nature. You are mystical, creative and always prepared for change.  

You are prone to excessive worrying, which could lead to illness if you don't learn to control this tendency. You are an excellent worker and usually get along well with colleagues. You are concerned with order and cleanliness, and tend to overdo it by keeping your home and yourself spotless at all times.  (25%)

You need to feel completely independent in order to be happy. You always want to do things your way, regardless of the consequences. You are your own worst enemy, and at times will proceed with faulty plans even though you know the end result will probably not be advantageous.  (50%)

You have an intuitive, perceptive mind; however you can be critical when dealing with others. You are secretive about your own thoughts but you will dig deep to find out what others are thinking. You will never give in to defeat and you cannot tolerate weakness.  (50%)

You are reserved, cautious and determined. You set your sights on something and go for it. You use common sense and never waffle when it comes to making a decision. You are responsible and persistent by nature, and those qualities will lead you to the winners' circle.  (25%)

Your intuition is strong and your interest in occult subjects will lead you down unusual pathways. You will always have strange relationships with others regarding money and property. You are best to avoid joint ventures and to be careful if you are asked to take care of other people's financial affairs.  (50%)

You have the ability to improve work methods and efficiency. You can be overbearing when dealing with others, which can result in personality clashes that make life impossible for you. You need to practice positive thinking if you want to make your life a little easier.  (50%)

You need to use initiative and exercise patience in order to achieve life's necessities. You don't see yourself as others see you. You find it difficult to communicate, to understand and cooperate with others. Left to work on your own, you can come up with concepts that will be beneficial in your chosen field.  (25%)

Sagittarius, the honest, straightforward, energetic and outgoing. You achieve through positive thought; however some of your ideas are a bit abstract. You often jump to conclusions without taking all the factors into consideration. You love adventure and travel, but you dislike domestic chores. You tend to be independent. As a companion, you can be charming and agreeable. You are an especially good traveling companion because you are considered a world citizen and are adept at living out of a suitcase. You are lucky and you will take risks; however you are also wasteful. You are easygoing and fun-loving. Money burns a hole in your pocket. Fortunately, you usually land on your feet when it comes to financial matters. You do much better in friendships than in love relationships.  (50%)

You like to be original, but in a practical fashion. You have talent in business and are resourceful when it comes to research or to improving work methods. In searching for the ideal position, you will change professional directions throughout your life.  (50%)

You have an appeal that is attractive to members of the opposite sex. You have high standards and will not tolerate bad manners or poor social conduct. Harmony is a necessity in your close personal relationships or you won't be happy. You love the fine arts, melodic music, and graceful dance forms.  (75%)

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