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Saturday February 29, 2020

Jim Eugene Carrey
January 17, 1962
Newmarket, Ontario

Jim Carrey has a duel personality. He is industrious, clever, business oriented with his natal Sun, Venus and Mars in the earthy determined sign Capricorn. He is also witty, funny, very detached and out they're with his natal Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn in the spacey air sign Aquarius. Carrey's chart shows plenty of traits that make it difficult to know what he'll do next. Quite frankly I don't even think he knows until it happens. He is fresh, responsive and will never let an opportunity to entertain pass without having fun, being spontaneous and delivering his absolute highest caliber of performance. Jim was born to entertain and with his natal Uranus in the sign Leo well aspected to his Moon in Gemini. Jim's mind works in overdrive at all times. I'm sure he wakes up in the middle of the night with great ideas and concepts that he can carry to the big screen. He is dynamic, charismatic and he is Canadian. Or should I retract that and mention that our rubber-faced homeboy has recently become a duel citizen having taken the oath to become an American citizen.

So what's up for funnyman Jim Carrey - plenty. 2005 should be his year. With a plethora of new projects coming to market his name and face will be everywhere and if transiting Jupiter moving through the air sign Libra has anything to do with his luck in the film industry this may be the year that he performs well enough to win an Oscar in 2006.

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