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Saturday February 29, 2020

Nicolas Cage
January 7, 1964
Long Beach, California

Determined, absolutely. Capricorn born Nicolas Cage is driven with his natal Sun, Mercury and Mars all in that sign. I've been a fan of Cage's for years and although he always appears to play himself set in different scenarios he does it with such feeling that you just can't help but believe and love him. With his natal Uranus and Pluto in Virgo the sign of the perfectionist well aspected to his planets in Capricorn there should be no doubt that he has star quality. To top it off Nicolas has his natal Neptune smack in the middle of his Virgo and Capricorn planets in the relentless sign Scorpio and that just adds to his creative talent and willingness to do whatever he must to pull off one great film after another. Unfortunately when it comes to real life and love it is a different story. With his natal Neptune square his natal Venus and Saturn in Aquarius it makes it hard for him to hold on to love. The Venus Saturn conjunction can lend itself to being true blue however it is in the sign Aquarius and quite frankly he is probably away far too much to allow any relationship to grow properly. So what's up for Nicolas - with Jupiter moving through Libra over the course of the next year it should be better for him where his personal relationships are concerned. However, he is still suffering from transiting Saturn causing some emotional stress and with transiting Neptune also touching off his natal Venus Neptune square he will be a little accident-prone both physically and emotionally. My advice to Nicolas - throw yourself into your work and be sure to use a stunt man.

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