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Saturday February 29, 2020

Orlando Bloom
January 13, 1977
Canterbury, Kent
United Kingdom

Orlando was born with his natal Sun, Mercury and Mars in Capricorn making him a determined dare-devilish sort of young man. With his natal Venus in Pisces favorably positioned to his natal Mercury, Mars, Uranus and Moon there is absolutely no doubt that Bloom is a sensual lover but which way does he swim. Orlando is deeply passionate and he needs variety when it comes to the romance department. With his natal Saturn in Leo square his natal Jupiter in Taurus and his natal Uranus in Scorpio there is a little uncertainty and confusion regarding who, where, when and what he likes but the bottom line is - if someone turns this young man on he's going to venture down the path to see where it leads. Orlando was also born with his natal Venus adversely positioned to his natal Neptune and this can also bring about sorrow when it comes to relationships so whether he is breaking hearts or having his broken more often than not his relationships will end in some unfortunate manner. On the whole Orlando has what I consider to be a pretty decent chart. He lands on his feet in most cases because he has a little built in luck. Being a thrill seeker Orlando can expect some injuries along the way. My advice to this young and talented star is to get a double and leave the dangerous stuff to the experts. Although the year ahead may be a bit dicey for Bloom where accidents and relationships are concerned I do believe that late beginning 2005 and throughout 2006 Orlando will be unstoppable.

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