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Saturday February 29, 2020

Eugene Levy
December 17, 1946
Hamilton, Ontario

I don't know how anyone could watch Eugene Levy and not smile. This man has the face and expressions of someone who just makes you want to show your teeth. A Sagittarius yes but there is a whole lot more to this Canadian born funnyman. With the entertaining sign Leo, charming Libra, true blue dedicated Scorpio, a touch of business like Capricorn and a hint of versatile and beguiling Gemini who could ask for anything more. Levy has it all and it isn't hard to see each one of these traits come to life when he's in front of the camera. His comedic timing is right on with his natal Mercury well aspected to his natal Saturn in the Fire signs and Neptune well aspected to the whole package from the constellation Libra. Eugene Levy is truly a gifted actor, comic and outstanding all round human being.

Coming up for the talented Mr. Levy some changes indeed. With transiting Jupiter moving through Libra this year he will have lots of opportunities to show his craft but he may just decide to take a tiny break after all he's been working overtime with his latest four movies coming out so close together. Eugene certainly isn't afraid of work but he does fear his fans tiring of him. Well Eugene (by the way - great name) I don't think you have anything to worry about. People will still be watching admiring and loving your every move on the big screen long after you're gone.

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