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Saturday February 29, 2020

Frankie Muniz
December 5, 1985
Ridgewood, New Jersey

Frankie Muniz is quite the Sagittarius with his natal Sun, Venus, Saturn and Uranus in that sign. It's difficult to see anything else come to think of it. But is he true to character as Malcolm - not at all. So who is this strange little man who everyone's grown to love. Well He's a go-getter, someone who is eager to try new things, a thrill seeker and even a bit of a daredevil but certainly not a troublemaker. Yes Frankie Muniz is born to live life on the edge and although he does have the saving grace of being smart enough to let his common sense kick in when need be I'd have to say he is quite a fabulous and outgoing individual who is bound to go places throughout his life.

Frankie has some interesting transits coming up this year that should lead him to more stardom as well as an opportunity to do something he absolutely loves to do and that's travel. It doesn't look like Cody Banks, Malcolm or Frankie Muniz will be staying put for too long. So what's happening with his love life for all you younger fans I'd have to say that with his strong Sagittarius chart he is probably a born bachelor but there is hope. With his natal Mercury, Venus and Saturn all sitting together when he does decide to take a long term partner he isn't likely to stray. Frankie is one dynamic young man who will continue to live his life following his heart and doing what he loves to do best - play golf and tennis, watch basketball and be his charming self on and off screen.

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