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The keyword to describe Aries is assertiveness.
The positive traits of the sign lead to personalities that are daring, enterprising, courageous, highly spirited and freedom loving. The negative traits are being selfish and temperamental.

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The keyword of Taurus is permanence. 
The positive traits are being reliable, persistent, respectable and friendly. Negative traits are stubbornness, possessiveness, lack of flexibility and laziness.

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The keyword of Gemini is communication.
The positive traits are adaptability, intellectuality, wittiness and highly spiritedness. Negative traits include being unpredictable, inconsistent, undetermined, nervous and superficial.

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The keyword of Cancer is sensitivity.
The positive traits are having a kind heart, gentleness, sensitivity, with good parental instincts while being cautious financially. Negative traits are hyperactivity and being overly sensitive and emotional.

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The keyword of Leo is power.
The positive traits are self assertiveness, generosity, leadership, and flamboyance. The negative traits are bullishness, arrogance and a hunger for power.

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The keyword of Virgo is critical.
Positive traits include being analytical, scientific, logical, modest, and meticulous. The negative side is being overly critical, fussy and finicky.

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The keyword of Libra is harmony.
The positive traits include being pleasant, romantic, easy going, friendly and diplomatic. The negative traits include being flirtatious and indecisive.

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The keyword of Scorpio is intensity.
The positive traits of Scorpio are determination, diligence, charm, refinement and a sense of purpose. The negative traits are being vindictive, jealous, inflexible and introverted.

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The keyword of Sagittarius is openness. 
The positive traits include being flexible, freedom loving, joyful, youthful, open-minded, extroverted, sincere and friendly. The negative traits are being tactless, irresponsible and not able to finish what you start.

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The keyword of Capricorn is prudence.
The positive traits are being cautious, disciplined, financially wise, humorous and reliable. The negative traits are stubbornness, inflexibility, frugality and meanness.

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The keyword of Aquarius is humane.
The positive traits are being humanitarian, a strong advocate of peace and harmony, inventive and loyal. The negative traits are being eccentric, sexually perverse and rebellious.

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The keyword of Pisces is impressionable.

The positive traits are being humble, kind, receptive and sympathetic. The negative traits include being indecisive, careless and secretive.

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