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Ascendent Midheaven


The Ascendent in a birth chart is known as the rising sign. It is the starting point of the first house in a chart. Contrary to the standard horoscopes in the newspaper, where the personality of a person is based on the Sun Sign, classical astrologers usually put emphasis on the characteristics of the first House, or Ascendent, to project a personality profile. 


On the birth chart, the Midheaven is the point where the Sun is found at midday. The sign where the Midheaven is found not only has a strong bearing on a person's outward expression -- lifestyle, career, attitude, etc. -- but also in events over which they have no direct control. 

The Midheaven represents ego, and the characteristics that are associated with the sign in which the Midheaven is found are all usually expressed in an external manner. 


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The sign at which the first house starts is your ascendant or your rising sign. Learn about yourself in our reading of your uniquely determined Rising Sign in Self.

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