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Happy Birthday: Venture down paths you've never been down. Revive old ideas, and give them a makeover. It's time to expand your interests and put your energy into matters that will bring a high return emotionally, financially and physically. An enthusiastic attitude and well-thought-out schedule will help you reach your destination of choice. Romance will enhance your life. Your numbers are 6, 18, 23, 28, 31, 38, 45.

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Leslie Nielsen
February 11, 1926
Regina, Sask.

Leslie Nielsen is a true Aquarius with his natal Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter all in that sign. It's no surprise with a spacey chart like his that he would find his niche and follow it. When many planets lined up in the sign Aquarius back in the early 60's Nielsen's career soared to new heights as he found his true calling. Leslie's great imagination coupled with his " try anything" attitude helped him forge ahead with the innocence and spirit of a youngster never looking back and never really growing old. You see not only is Leslie one of the very unique individuals who is filled with curiosity, energy and a very youthful persona but his chart also indicates that no matter how old he is he will always be young at heart. With the intuitive wisdom of knowing exactly when to make a move he slipped into comedy and found that he had impeccable timing when it came to delivering his lines. Not only is Leslie funny but also his deadpan facial looks are nothing short of superb.

So what's coming up for this amazing actor who has managed to span his film career over 5 and a half decades. Well I'd have to say that this will and should be a year to remember for the unique and playful Nielsen. With transiting Jupiter moving across the top of his chart favorably aspected to his natal planets in Aquarius in an area that deals with how he makes his money I do think that some fabulous opportunities are in the works for the talented Mr. Nielsen.

Letter Title: From Betrayed

Dear Eugenia

Very bad past with marriage that I left 4 years ago, only to discover this year that my marriage failed because my sister had been having an affair with my husband. I had discovered this back at the time it was happening, but being that it was my closest sister and that I was on anti-depressants at the time I blocked it out [in my brain] Well it has surfaced this year, with the help of my daughter now 13 yrs. who saw things at home and who also witnessed me block what they were doing to me. I have not been functioning well; I don't trust too many people. I am lonely and need some one. Help, I was born March 9, 1961 at 1 AM.


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"This is just amazing !!!! I am still wondering how somebody could describe my qualities so well just by knowing my birth date,place and time. I found many things that you have described on me are correct. Believe me! I never used to believe in Astrology until I came across this site !!! Frankly speaking, I do not understand what your birth chart or some other chart describes, but the natal analysis is really good and I found it is really worth reading it."

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