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Happy Birthday: Your emotions will be difficult to dismiss. You'll feel more inclined to say what's on your mind and question anyone who is vague or appears to be playing games with you. Gather your thoughts methodically, and venture down a path that feels right and shows promise. This year is about stabilization, not upset and disruption. Your numbers are 7, 12, 18, 22, 27, 35, 43.

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Vol.19 Issue 344

Letter Title: From Concerned Mother

Dear Concerned Mother

Working outside the house will be an extension of socializing for your son that I feel he can or at least should be given the opportunity to try and handle. The area of his chart that deals with networking and socializing will have some very good transits. His difficulties appear to be more at a personal and domestic level, in other words some depression due to his own social disabilities and some problems dealing with his home environment and current lifestyle at home. I feel he has to be the one to make the decision regarding the job this summer not you. He will have his ups and downs but I believe it's time to let him at least try his hand at the real outside world. Might I also suggest that whatever his interests are - writing etc that he start doing more of it as a hobby - blogging perhaps short stories or even joining a creative writing course for the summer months as well. It will all contribute to helping him handle his anxiety. Confidence is something he needs and can gain if he feels more accomplished. Nothing is ever perfect so for good or bad it's time to let him fly.


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