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Vol.19 Issue 199

Letter Title: Form Pisces

Dear Eugenia

Help, urgent, Hi, I met this man his birth is august 20,1950,He is fire while I am water born March 12, 1963 at 6:01 AM. We strongly adore, Love one another. You see the age difference; the problem here is his wanting a quick commitment. I divorced a long marriage so that this man and I could freely, openly see each other but feel I should take things at my speed. I study metaphysics, astrology, and am aware of a lot, I feel I will be far more ready to settle later this year; will he be there when I am ready?


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"I am really surprise about your quality and I think you are very good. I start visiting this site with several doubts but after the things that I have seen I have to admit that I was completely wrong. I just hope that you are not so good as I think because the horoscope you made for me scares me a little bit."

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