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AstroAdvice is proud to offer our members the most complete and accurate Self Knowledge and Development tools on the web! Nine Star Ki, also known as Kyu Sei Ki Gakuin in Japan and Nine House (Palace) Astrology in China, is the most ancient Astrology used in The Far East.

Our Nine Star Ki analysis is based upon your unique birth data and covers your personality traits as well as your monthly and yearly forecasts and a detailed introduction to this ancient art. Use this information to supplement and enhance the other tools offered here, to provide you with a complete and thorough understanding of yourself and information regarding the future. Knowledge is power!

Nine Star Ki is a personalized feature and will require you to become a member or log in below if you are already a member.
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Personalized features require your unique birth data to function and by creating your own membership profile you gain instant access to our customized reports without re-entering all your birth details.

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