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Metal: Tin
Rules: Thighs Hips
Stone: Amethyst
Colors: Violet, Purple
Cycle: 6 Years
Symbol: The Archer
Element: Fire
Lucky Number: 3
Quality: Mutable
Polarity: Gemini
Ruled By: Jupiter
Lucky Day: Thursday
Mannerism: Equine
Key Phrase: I See
Peak Years: 19,30,49

As a Sagittarius you are usually honest, straightforward, energetic and outgoing. You achieve through positive thought. However, some of your ideas are a little bit abstract. You often jump to conclusions without taking all factors into consideration. You love adventure and travel, however you are seldom fond of domestic tasks. You tend to be quite independent. As a companion you can be charming and agreeable. You are especially good to travel with because you are considered to be a world citizen and you are quite adept at living out of a suitcase.You possess hot and cold emotions where romance is concerned. You are highly exuberant, however your passion is not sustained very long.

Your mannerisms are equine right from head-tossing when upset to restless movement of your feet when you are bored. You are a robust character and tend to be prone to accidents rather than illness. Because of your great love for open spaces you can easily develop claustrophobia in closed quarters.

You will change your appearance with age. When young, you tend to look outdoorsy, but in later years, you will look and dress with dignity. You do like to wear sporty tweeds and hate constricting garments.

You are lucky and you will take risks that others wouldn't dare, however you are also wasteful. You are easy going and fun loving. Money burns a hole in your pocket. Fortunately you usually land on your feet when it comes to financial matters.

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The Daily Horoscope is based on 12 Zodiac signs, which are known as sun sign analysis. There is much more to astrology than mere sun sign horoscopes. Did you know that you can cast your personalized chart for FREE on AstroAdvice and obtain a unique full color birth chart with reports on your future including your relationships, career, money and romance. Start first by visiting Self Analysis in All About Me and find out more about your personality and character as defined by your unique birth data and Birth Chart.

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