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Metal: Iron
Rules: Sexual Organs
Stone: Bloodstone
Colors: Deep Reds
Cycle: 3 Years
Symbol: The Scorpion
Element: Water
Lucky Number: 9
Quality: Fixed
Polarity: Taurus
Ruled By: Mars, Pluto
Lucky Day: Tuesday
Mannerism: Distinctive Walk
Key Phrase: I Desire”
Peak Years: 27,36,68

You have intense emotional desires that can lead to possessiveness. You tend to overwork, you seek perfection, have tremendous staying power and you will see any matter through to the bitter end, regardless of sacrifice. You despise weakness in yourself or in others. You are, on the other hand, generous and compassionate and will fight for the underdog. You believe in expressing yourself with unfiltered truthfulness. You are highly secretive and extremely intuitive. Your eyes are penetrating and magnetic. You make a loyal friend or a vehement enemy.

You are the most powerful and intense sign where feelings are concerned. You have the ability to poison yourself through your own emotional vindictiveness. You are the least likely to exaggerate any mannerisms, however you do have a distinct walk.

You have a strong constitution. You also push yourself to the limit, until you collapse, only to recuperate rapidly and begin the whole process again.

You do not try to attract attention by your appearance, however you do like good clothes and are careful about the way you look. You choose garments of lasting quality and of a sophisticated nature. You have to be careful when it comes to cologne or perfume. You have a great deal of acid in your system and that can cause scents to be overpowering.

Money is not that important to you and you tend to get more satisfaction pursuing interests that are not necessarily lucrative. You are not concerned about financial security but you are prudent.

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