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Metal: Copper
Rules: Kidneys
Stone: Turquoise
Colors: Pink, Blue
Cycle: 7 Years
Symbol: The Scales
Element: Air
Lucky Number: 6
Quality: Cardinal
Polarity: Aries
Ruled By: Venus
Lucky Day: Friday
Mannerism: Equipoise
Key Phrase: I Balance
Peak Years: 24,36,48

As a Libra you are noted for your charm, grace, sophistication, cooperation, justice, fair play, indecisiveness and intuitive intelligence. You are concerned with the present. You like to work in partnerships rather then going it alone, however you also demand that those involved with you work at least as hard as you do. You actively seek knowledge, new ideas, mental stimulation and show an interest in psychology and human relationships. You constantly play the role of the peacemaker. You rarely express anger. However when you do, you say it all. You do not hold a grudge but upset will leave you trembling and often ill.

Your emotions are superficial rather than deep, but your adaptability allows you to get along with others. You can give of yourself but generally you get back more. You will balance something like a pencil on your finger when weighing the pros and cons of a situation or balance yourself on the balls of your feet. Your nervous system is sensitive and because of this your health is largely effected by your surroundings. You tend to use moderation in all aspects of life and that helps you avoid serious health problems. You always stand out due to your perfect grooming. You are extremely conscientious about your appearance. Your taste is impeccable due to your ability to use moderation in order to dress perfectly for any occasion. You are never over or under dressed. You are suited for the more elegant, intellectual artistic types of occupations. You are the patient bargainer. You will show your shrewdness when it comes to getting what you desire for the right price, however you also have a compulsive urge to gamble as you prefer easy money. You will be tempted to become involved in the stock market. You are eager to borrow and reluctant to pay back. You don't like to exert yourself, but instead wish money to fall into your lap. You can and sometimes do use your good looks professionally.

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