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Metal: Silver
Rules: Stomach
Stone: Pearl, Moonstone
Colors: white
Cycle: 7 Years
Symbol: The Crab
Element: Water
Lucky Number: 2 & 7
Quality: Cardinal
Polarity: Capricorn
Ruled By: Moon
Lucky Day: Monday
Mannerism: Crab-like
Key Phrase: I Feel
Peak Years: 28,49,63

Cancer is the emotional, sensitive, domestic sign of the zodiac. You have highly developed protective and defensive instincts. You are extremely sensitive and fearful of ridicule, however your crusty crab-like shell camouflages your shyness and emotional vulnerability. You obtain security through solitude. You have a strong need for material and domestic stability and you will do whatever is necessary to achieve and hold your position. You are not inclined to take risks and are conscientious about paying debts. You are a very complex individual with mood swings that directly fluctuate with the Moon's position. You possess a great deal of diplomacy and have an uncanny memory. You rarely get understanding from others for the simple fact that it is so difficult to estimate your inner thoughts. You are a warm and tender person and you make an excellent parent. However, if you don't control your over-protective nature, you can tend to smother you off-spring. You like your environment to be neat and clean. You are considered to be a rather refined character. You will seldom joke about yourself or others. You are a master at the art of passive resistance, making you somewhat unapproachable. You are exceptionally receptive to external sensations like laughing and crying and are an extremely romantic lover. You are normally loyal and somewhat possessive when it comes to relationships and home life. You can be somewhat melancholy and you are prone to tears. You have a tendency to clasp your tummy and often tuck your thumbs into your palms. Being an affectionate sign you will nip at your companion's ears, giving them little love bites. You are normally quite healthy, however you can be sensitive to changes of weather. You are not really fashion conscious and spend very little on clothes. You can become miserly and you will only gamble if it is a sure thing. You rarely spend on anyone but yourself.

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