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Metal: Neptunium
Rules: Feet
Stone: Emerald
Colors: Mauve, Sea-Green
Cycle: 3 Years
Symbol: The Fish
Element: Water
Lucky Number: 7
Quality: Mutable
Polarity: Neptune
Ruled By: Uranus
Lucky Day: Friday
Mannerism: Imitations
Key Phrase: I Believe
Peak Years: 33,47,69

As a Pisces you are extremely sensitive and unusual. You desperately want to do the right thing.However this is not always easy for you as you must follow that small voice within you for good or bad. To constrict your uniqueness would make you extremely unhappy. You like to drift into a dream world where you can forget the harsher realities of life. You have a great deal of charm, humor and sympathy and that enables you to do things that others can't do. You are very creative, however due to your escapist tendencies you often don't obtain your goals and objectives. You are ruled by the planet Neptune. This planet represents deception, disillusionment, escapism and creativity. Your connection to this planet is, no doubt, one of the reasons why you can appear to be somewhat confused. You are difficult to understand due to your innate ability to use emotional blackmail in order to get what you want. If denied you can revert to over-indulgence.You have to help yourself by developing your creative talents. You not only play mind games with those that get close to you, but in addition you often fool yourself emotionally. You are sentimental, affectionate and sensation-seeking when it comes to the heart. Your moods can be extreme, and that makes it is difficult to get the same impression twice. You are a chameleon. You invariably change your mannerisms, imitating whoever is in your life at the time. When alone, you are quite unique. However, you don't let many people catch you being yourself.

Your self-indulgent tendencies in eating, drinking and smoking make you your own worst enemy when it comes to your health.

You tend to favor your feet, wearing low heels, slippers or better yet going barefoot. You will let your appearance go to pieces when you are under emotional stress.

Like your symbol the Fish, you can swim both ways. Throughout life you will move from being in a financial mess because you are careless and too generous and at other times you are so thrifty that you appear miserly. In general, you have good ideas about money management but you have a hard time applying them. You are also quite lucky and that helps you land on your feet.

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