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Metal: Lead
Rules: Knees
Stone: Black Pearl
Colors: Brown, Black
Cycle: 10 Years
Symbol: The Goat
Element: Earth
Lucky Number: 8
Quality: Cardinal
Polarity: Cancer
Ruled By: Saturn
Lucky Day: Saturday
Mannerism: Stillness
Key Phrase: I Use
Peak Years: 27,45,60

As a Capricorn you are excessively persistent. You want to accomplish and develop into something. You possess keen intuition and normally use this quality to achieve personal independence and security. You are steady and sure-footed like your symbol the Mountain Goat. You have an extreme capacity for hard work and great faith in your own power. You are worldly and careful, rarely asking for help or favors. You prefer to suffer through and make it on your own efforts. You can also be a slave driver as you expect those that work for you to work just as hard as you do. You manage to be old when you're young and young when you're old. You are likely to live to a ripe old age due to the precautions you take in order to stay fit and healthy. You are the grand masters when it comes to the art of moderation. You are more sensitive than one might think. You need to feel appreciated in all facets of life.

Although you appear phlegmatic you are capable of deep fidelity to those you respect. Your sex drive is strong but spasmodic and you are not sentimental or romantic in nature. The most conspicuous mannerism that you have, is your lack of mobility in any given situation. You appear to be like a mannequin and that enables you to be an excellent observer.

You will get tougher and stronger with age. You are not really fashion conscious, however you stick to traditional clothing that is sensible and never in or out of style. You prefer dark colors and are probably known for wearing your clothes out before you will discard them. You are frugal and you can live on next to nothing if necessary. You save religiously and invest shrewdly. You are not prone to gambling and will only be generous with loved ones in a practical way. You provide what you feel are the necessities of life.

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