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The angular distance between two planets in a birth chart is known as their aspects a key factor in conducting an astrological analysis. Based on compiled data, astrologers can look into the aspects of a personís planets and reveal his or her positive and negative personality traits.

Planets are in aspect (interpretable) when they are of a certain specific angular measurement from each other. Each aspect has a standard symbol and measurement. Some are less noticeable than others, leading to strong, moderate and weak aspects. 

Since not many planets will exactly measure at a specific angular displacement such as 90 degrees, astrologers allow the use of orbs -- that is a number of degrees which are either more or less than the exact aspect. The standard aspects and orbs are listed below:

Strong Aspects

Name Symbol Angular
Conjunction conjunction 0 5 - 8
Opposition opposition 180 5 - 8
Square square 90 5 - 8
Trine Trine 120 5 - 8

Moderate Aspects

Symbol Angular
Sesquiquadrate sesquiquadrate 135 1-2
Sextile sextile 60 3-5

Weak Aspects

Name Symbol Angular
Semi-Sextile Semi-sextile 30 1-2
Quincunx Quincunx 150 1-2


  Quick Guide
Aspects are related to all the analysis. It is the angle between the natal planets in the Self Analysis. Click here to see your Self Analysis. Aspects analysis is also used in the Daily Personalized Horoscope where the current day's planetary positions are compared with your natal planets (planetary positions at the time you were born), thus giving you very specialized and unique readings daily. In fact, Aspect analysis is also used in our most advanced AstroGuidance system.

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