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The Self Analysis will take a few seconds to process.

The Self analysis will determine the following:

  • Sabian - Discover your many phases of human experience which provide you clues to deal with life. 
  • Rising Sign - An analysis into your rising sign. 
  • Summary - Family, Career, Relationship and Self of the current subject is summarized
  • Detailed - there are twelve departments in life, each department is analyzed.
  • Chart Wheel - the astrological chart from which the interpretation is derived is plotted graphically.
  • Houses & Planets - the positions of houses and planets of the current subject is calculated and tabulated.
House System:

Which house system to use?

There are two house systems available. The Placidous House system is the classical system that many astrologers have adopted. AstroAdvice has also provided the Equal House system as an option. 

The default system is Placidous and it is recommended to most members to adopt this system. However, for those who do not know their birth time, it is advised to assume six o'clock and opt for the Equal House Method. Many astrologers have indicated that such a solar charting method allows one to achieve more accurate readings.

Even if you are sure about your birth time, you can test out both House methods and determine which house system is most suitable to your personality. Compare which readings seem to be more accurate of the two houses and continue to use this selected house system for subsequent readings. 

If you do not know your birth time, you can always have the flexibility of assuming a birth time to produce a set of readings. Then, shift the assumed birth time by another hour, and obtain the readings again. You can keep on shifting the birth time by hourly increments to obtain different readings to determine which set of readings is the most accurate to your personality. 

To edit or modify the birth time, use the Update Member's Information function that appears on the main menu or the side navigational bar.

Daylight Savings Time plays an important factor as well.

If for example one was born in Europe from April 21 to October 31, it is very likely that the birth time had originally been adjusted to daylight savings time. If so, subtract one hour from your recorded birth time. Use the Update Member's Information function that appears on the main menu or the side navigational bar to adjust the birthtime.

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