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Since there are always conflicts in life, you will sometimes find that there will likely be some conflicts in the interpretations of your chart in Natal, Horoscope, Synastry and Business Partnership. To enable you to determine which interpretation or event is more predominant, you will find that there is a weighting factor in percentage associated with each interpretation paragraph. With this factor, you can now determine which event is more important by observing which event has a higher percentage if there's a conflict. The weights also allow you to determine which events are more significant.


You tend to be moody. You expend a lot of energy dealing with your feelings. You are a romantic and will express yourself in a dramatic way with those whom you become intimate. You crave the family life and will suffer emotionally if your home environment isn't amicable.  (25%)

You are highly passionate. You communicate aggressively. You get to the bottom of any situation. You work toward creative ends.  (75%)

You lack consideration for your loved ones. Jealousy is likely to cause problems in your personal relationships.   (13%)

You know that what you learn influences you in such a way that it promotes change, and that's precisely what you want from life.   (89%)

You will make a lasting impression on others. You are open and receptive to information that will allow you to make personal changes. Awareness and self-motivation will help your achieve your creative goals.   (89%)

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You can make money easily, but you also love to live extravagantly. Your generosity to family and friends often leaves you with little. You do best in a position of authority and don't take orders well if you have to for someone else.  (25%)

Deception or misunderstandings regarding money, contracts and your responsibilities to others will develop. You must use discrimination in all your dealings.   (22%)

You will do whatever is necessary to protect your home and your belongings. You will keep your thoughts to yourself, unless you are truly comfortable with the individual you are dealing with.   (86%)

Easy come, easy go. You can make money throughout your life; however, you will also find that it slips through your fingers.   (83%)

You will do well working in fields that relate to services or products for the home. You can do well with a family business, and you like to work with people you are close to.   (89%)

You will make an impact in your chosen field. You will take whatever measures are necessary to get where you want to go.   (90%)

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You are precise and to the point. Your ideas are always practical and well-thought-out. You plan everything carefully and leave no room for error. You can be critical of the ones you love, especially siblings and close friends.  (25%)

You are drawn toward occult studies. You delve into unconventional areas. You like to travel by water to exotic destinations. You are into literature, spiritualism, writing and music. You gravitate toward individuals who are intuitively evolved.  (50%)

You have the discipline to focus on your creative thoughts and to use your imagination to help others and to contribute to organizations you believe in.   (91%)

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You are attached to your possessions. You decorate your home with elegance. You are extremely fair in dealing with your family, and you play the role of peacemaker to keep your surroundings harmonious.  (25%)

Sexual jealousy will cause problems in your personal relationships. You will be drawn toward the wrong people and must learn to be discriminating in your choices.   (13%)

You will make many changes to your home over the years. You are continually trying to keep things from getting too routine. You will go to great lengths to help your family members change in order to be the best that they can be.   (89%)

You will run your home forcefully and efficiently. You will make the necessary changes to have things run smoothly. Investment and contract opportunities will change your life.   (88%)

Sexual jealousy will cause problems in your personal relationships. You will be drawn toward the wrong people and must learn to be discriminating in your choices.   (13%)

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You have a tendency to dominate your loved ones. You only want the best for them, but sometimes you go a little overboard. You get very possessive and jealous when it comes to your lover. You want to be the only one in their life. You are extremely sensual, and a great lover.  (25%)

You love to be entertained--theater, concerts, or socializing with friends. You will have a great deal to do with children. You are a lover and you like to flirt with potential partners. You are lucky at games of chance.  (50%)

You are forever trying to change the world and those you love. You look for different forms of entertainment and you use your imagination in all you create.   (91%)

You are intent on finding out more about your family background. You are creative in all you do, and you love to entertain friends and family.   (91%)

You will not be one to enjoy the finer things in life. You are not into spending on entertainment or on frivolous things. You are strict with children and rarely end up having a close, loving relationship with them.   (22%)

You will get involved in unusual artistic groups. You will waste time and money on dead-end projects that you are likely to discard unfinished. You will have a problem when it comes to gambling and to spending on things you really don't need.   (25%)

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You tend to make things work through your power of positive thought. You are an enthusiastic worker, and you inspire others to work alongside you. You are generous, and will always lend a helping hand to a colleague.  (25%)

You are a trusted colleague and a respected employee. You can work well with little supervision and you are always willing to help those you work with.   (90%)

You are a trouper when it comes to accomplishments. You will work until you drop only to pick yourself up and start all over again. Your timing is impeccable and you are not one to take a risk.   (87%)

You will be hard on your colleagues and always expect them to live up to your standards. You are also likely to have a problems with your employers. You are not one to mix business with pleasure.  (23%)

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You tend to be cautious and reserved when it comes to your partnerships. You are a little shy, not one to enjoy large crowds. You will only form a committed relationship when you are one hundred percent sure that it will work.  (25%)

You are a powerful lover and a philosophical individual. You are always searching for the truth in all you do.   (91%)

You are a serious friend and a serious lover. You never fool around when it comes to the ones you care about. You are there to help and can always be depended upon.   (89%)

You do not attract partners who are warm and affectionate. You will not have a lot of opportunities to get involved in partnerships of any kind. An inability to relate to others emotionally will stand in the way of good relationships.   (25%)

You are willing to do whatever is necessary to keep your relationships interesting and unusual. This is why your partners in life love you.You attract friends and lovers easily because of your unique likes and dislikes, and atypical approach to life.   (90%)

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You are greatly affected by the loss of loved ones; however, you are also likely to receive inheritances, gifts and other people's possessions throughout your life.  (25%)

You are impulsive sexually. Your partner is physically aggressive. You will have problems with an inheritance or with money matters involving other people.  (75%)

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Higher Education

Your beliefs play an important part in your life. You have well-developed intuition and insight, and whenever you are faced with difficulties help simply appears. In many ways, you are quite mystical.  (25%)

You love to debate social and philosophical issues. You love to read and you are a great scholar. You are a world citizen and find yourself visiting foreign countries.  (25%)

Misunderstandings or misdirection will arise when dealing with others. You must be careful not to divulge secret information.   (21%)

You have a need to find out whatever you can in order to get ahead. You have the stamina to hang on to the bitter end, never thinking for a moment about defeat. Because of this, you are bound to acquire the success you're seeking.   (90%)

You will be quick to move from one organization to another, always searching for the one that will offer you the best chance to get ahead. Partnerships will evolve suddenly and your partners will be willing to help you achieve your goals.   (88%)

You are likely to end up living a distance from your birthplace or you will do a lot of traveling throughout your life. You get along well with foreigners and you have a strong interest in cultural knowledge. You are enlightened by philosophy and you are a great scholar.  (50%)

Your interest in history and genealogy will lead you to the library or to courses that offer the knowledge you're seeking. You have a nurturing nature and you are always willing to help others.   (90%)

You will do whatever it takes to make alterations in your life that will make things better. You are out to improve yourself. Activities that offer self-awareness and improvement will attract you.   (89%)

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You put a lot into your professional direction. You are impulsive when it comes to getting things done. You will be hurt easily by criticism or unfair treatment while on the job.  (25%)

Professional setbacks will be due to conflicts and ego clashes. Partnerships will not be in your best interest. You will take drastic measures to get ahead and therefore you will be subject to scrutiny.   (13%)

You are a master at the arts of love, charm and seduction. You have a strong interest in fashion. You can meet your mate through work-related events. You can achieve your career goals.  (50%)

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You gravitate toward wealthy, stable, well-established people. You are easy to get along with, and have no problem talking your well-to-do friends into backing some of your brilliant ideas.  (25%)

You are responsible and will take action to help those less fortunate then yourself. You are a doer and a searcher of truth. You will take forceful action to get others to see things your way.   (90%)

You are focused on your goals and will never deviate off course if you think that you might lose ground. You are dependable and independent.   (89%)

You stick to long-term projects. You are well-organized and systematic. You don't have a lot of friends but the ones you do have are stable, loyal and reliable. You can get support from those in high places.  (50%)

You are likely to be drawn into groups and situations that are cool and lack compassion for others.   (25%)

You're spontaneous and sympathetic. You attract sudden, but not necessarily lasting, friendships. You prefer to relate to intellectuals.  (75%)

You offer extraordinary solutions to the problems that face any organization you join. You can always find unique ways to raise money for a worthwhile cause.   (93%)

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You tend to keep your ideas to yourself when you should be taking the initiative to present them. You often tell your personal problems to the wrong people.  (25%)

You are protected against secret enemies or wrongful actions. You get involved in groups that fight for the underdog. You are happy in your personal life. You recover remarkably well when faced with health problems.  (75%)

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Sun Sign and More

You are emotional, sensitive, and a romantic. Your commitment to family is second to none. You dislike making changes, and are reluctant to go along with changes that others try to force on you.  

You were raised with strong parental influences. You, in turn, want to "parent" everyone who gets close to you. You are prone to overeating and must watch your diet. You are inclined to build your assets by purchasing real estate or dealing in services or domestic products.  (75%)

You need to feel completely independent in order to be happy. You always want to do things your way, regardless of the consequences. You are your own worst enemy, and at times will proceed with faulty plans even though you know the end result will probably not be advantageous.  (50%)

You have a vivid imagination and well-developed intuition. Your thoughts concerning others are not usually too far from the truth. You need to learn to follow your gut feelings and take action. Your are extremely creative, but you must control your escapist tendencies.  

You're an optimist--cheerful, full of great ideas and always looking for adventure. You have no problem communicating and can usually captivate a crowd with your colorful stories. You are fun to be around, but you must not let your restless nature lead to carelessness.  (50%)

You have a strong psychic tie to your partner. You are influenced heavily by the moods and feelings of those you love. This can result in emotional confusion if loved ones are not being completely honest with you. Try to step back and view the whole picture.  (50%)

You have exceptional creative power which must be expressed through art, romantic involvement, or entertainment. You have a desire to dominate your lover which can lead to power struggles in your private life.  (50%)

You are well disciplined, logical and practical when it comes to accomplishment. You usually finish with ease any project you start, and you find it easy to be honest with yourself and with others. You do sometimes display excessive doubt and can display a critical attitude when dealing with others.  (50%)

Aries is the sign of new beginnings, the pioneer of the zodiac. Aggressive and full of creative energy and enthusiasm which enables you to initiate change. Your drive and impatience can cause you to act before you think-- making you your own worst enemy. You are a doer, often having trouble with authority figures due to your inability to take orders or to listen to good advice. You are highly competitive and usually enjoy both physical and mental pursuits. You are a leader not a follower. You seek recognition more than wealth, and you often use aggressive force rather then diplomacy to get what you desire. Much of your success comes from your refusal to admit defeat.  (75%)

You have brilliant, original ideas, but restlessness tends to be your downfall. Being never able to finish what you start leads to your being a jack of all trades but master of none. You need to be involved in the communications media, where you can express your ideas.  (50%)

You are extremely loyal, but when it comes to ownership--of anything--you are possessive and protective. You will get jealous if you feel that something belonging to you is threatened. You have a tremendous desire for quality not quantity. You are attracted to the classic art forms, and are more appreciative then creative.  (75%)

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