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Since there are always conflicts in life, you will sometimes find that there will likely be some conflicts in the interpretations of your newborn. To enable you to determine which interpretation or event is more predominant, you will find that there is a weighting factor in percentage associated with each interpretation paragraph. With this factor, you can now determine which event is more important by observing which event has a higher percentage if there's a conflict. The weights also allow you to determine which events are more significant.

These babies will want everything to be perfect. They will express them self in a detailed manner and rarely leave anything to chance. These little ones will be well-organized and terrific at formulating ideas and putting them into motion. Their main concern in all they do will be quality, not quantity.  (25%)

These babies are charming and will try hard to get along with others. These little ones have an intellectual interest in the arts and will pursue such courses during their learning years.   (73%)

These babies love to use their imagination. These little ones will be fond of books that draw them into a fantasy world. Even at an early age, these tiny tots will be creative in their communications, and they will have built-in intuition when dealing with others.  (87%)

These babies will have a great need to interact with others. These little ones will do whatever is necessary to bring unity and harmony to their families.  (70%)

These babies will be inspired by the things they see and the people they befriend throughout their lives.  (73%)

These babies will tend to work in partnerships rather than alone. They will have the ability to attract people who can help support their ideas and provide them with all they need to accomplish their goals. They like to live in comfort and luxury.  (25%)

These babies will be energetic and relentless in their pursuits. They will always speak frankly to get their point across. They will view trivial talk as a waste of time.  (25%)

These babies will like their homes to be spacious and comfortable. They will be fastidious and want everything in its place. They will be extremely generous with family and will bend over backward to please them.  (25%)

These babies will enjoy unusual forms of entertainment. These little ones pursuits are more intellectual than sports-oriented. They will love the arts, and are creative in their own special way. Structure is extremely important to these little tykes.  (50%)

These babies will love to be entertained throughout life -- theater, concerts, or socializing with friends. They will have a great deal to do with other children. They will be lucky at games of chance.  (50%)

These babies will be serious and stable in their personal relationships. They will tend to gravitate toward the old and the young. They will be good at games requiring strategy and patience.  (75%)

These babies will be compassionate and understanding when dealing with their co-workers. Their unselfish manner will bring them popularity and respect. They will have a tendency to take on more then they can handle; however, their peers will usually be willing to help them get the work done.  (50%)

These babies will attract individuals who are not well-organized, but through these connections, they'll get a better understanding of their emotions. These little ones will always learn from those with whom they get involved.  (25%)

These babies will need to take good care of themselves. These little ones will be prone to minor accidents, infections and fevers. They will always have extended circumstances around matters pertaining to financial and legal affairs. Joint ventures are not in their best interest.  (25%)

These babies will receive gifts, legacies or unexpected money. They will benefit through their partners or be left an inheritance. They will have to be careful while traveling; accidents due to carelessness are possible.  (75%)

These babies will be practical about their social concepts and religious leanings. They will tend to take a down-to-earth approach to life, and will seldom deviate from the social standards.  (25%)

These babies will likely end up living a distance from their birthplace or they will do a lot of traveling throughout their lives. They will get along well with foreigners and they will have a strong interest in cultural knowledge. They will be enlightened by philosophy and they will become great scholars.  (50%)

These babies will need to work in a job that will allow them to use their mental and physical agility. These little ones will have wonderful ideas, and they will be more concerned with getting recognition for their work rather than cash.  (25%)

These babies will have social and business success know-how. They will be able to juggle several projects at one time. They will want to travel for their work. Their families will have an important effect on them.  (50%)

These babies will make their mark on the world by following their dreams and believing in themselves. These little ones will like to control and dominate their situation, leaving nothing to chance. They will face any kind of opposition with aggressive force and fair play.  (25%)

These babies will be masters at the arts of love, charm and seduction. They will have strong interest in fashion. They will achieve their career goals.  (50%)

These babies will always be in search of security and power. These little ones will make friends with people they know can help them reach their goals. These little ones will not be afraid to ask for favors, and they will rarely be denied anything.  (50%)

These babies will worry too much. They will tend to nag until they drive others crazy. These little ones will need to keep occupied in order to avoid these tendencies. They will work well with the intricate details that most people find difficult.  (50%)

These babies will be protected against secret enemies or wrongful actions. They will get involved in groups that fight for the underdog. They will be happy in their personal life. They will recover remarkably well when faced with health problems.  (75%)

These babies will have to be aware of hidden enemies. The projects they get involved in will experience delays and setbacks. These babies will be secretive in their dealings. They will be defensive, even if they know they are wrong.  (50%)

These babies will tend to be reclusive. They will be devoted to secret societies. They will live a mystical life. These little ones will have escapist tendencies and must refrain from overindulgence. They will look after people who are suffering from illness. Their imaginations will be vivid, causing an unrealistic view of their surroundings .  (75%)

This baby were born to be systematic, well-organized and capable of taking proper direction. They are practical and specific in all that they do.

These babies are worriers and will be prone to being fidgety if they feel uncomfortable about anything or anyone in their surroundings.  (25%)

These babies are only content when perfection is met. They can be quite fussy if something isn't done to their liking. These little tykes will go to great lengths to make sure that everything around them is just so.  (50%)

These newborns have excellent memories. They listen carefully and absorb every bit of information offered. They tend to be chameleon-like, picking up the characteristics of those around them. They are highly sensitive to comments made by others.  (50%)

These babies are really independent. They are intuitive, eccentric and unconventional. These little wonders are full of nervous tension -- erratic in behavior and totally unpredictable. They're very interesting, but also unpredictable.  (50%)

This baby have a need to lend help even at a very young age. They are fond of pets and anything that is smaller than they are.  (25%)

These babies want to dominate their domestic scene. However, they often face opposition when they try to do so. These little tykes' home environment and those they live with will be unusual. They have a love of nature and an interest in preserving it. They like to help others.  (25%)

These babies have the ability to visualize and create all sorts of things at a very early age. They are levelheaded, loyal and responsible little tykes.  (75%)

These newborns will want to see all, hear all, experience all, and then some more. Versatile, changeable and inquisitive, these little twins will never want to miss anything that's going on. These little tykes will never tire and will constantly ask, "Why?" Communication will be very important, so these newborns will learn to talk at a very early age.   (50%)

These babies must be allowed to follow their own dreams. They are daring, courageous and resourceful. These little tykes need frequent changes in order to be happy. If things aren't going their way, they can be explosive and impulsive.  (50%)

If these babies become insecure, it will lead to moodiness. They will tend to cling to their roots -- to family and home. They are happiest when their domestic life is running smoothly without change.  (50%)

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