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Since there are always conflicts in life, you will sometimes find that there will likely be some conflicts in the interpretations of your chart in Natal, Horoscope, Synastry and Business Partnership. To enable you to determine which interpretation or event is more predominant, you will find that there is a weighting factor in percentage associated with each interpretation paragraph. With this factor, you can now determine which event is more important by observing which event has a higher percentage if there's a conflict. The weights also allow you to determine which events are more significant.


You are sympathetic and compassionate. You have mystical insight and intuition. These qualities allow you to tune in to the thoughts and feelings of those around you. You need to have an outlet for your creativity. You are not one to listen to others or take orders, but follow instead that small voice within you.  (25%)

You have the initiative, patience and wherewithal to put up with and tolerate just about anyone--until they cross the line, and you explode. You will take action when you're good and ready, and it's not likely to be forgotten by those who witness it.   (67%)

Professional difficulties are likely to block your advancement throughout life. You will have to work hard in order to overcome this hardship.   (14%)

You will use your intuition when dealing with friends and organizations.   (88%)

You are creative in all you do. Your interest in unusual art forms and exotic places will lead you to unfamiliar territory.   (89%)

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You are an entrepreneur. You need to follow your dreams, and will put great energy into turning your ideas into reality. You love to start new projects, but you often have a problem finishing them. You can make money, but you spend it impulsively, so it's unlikely you'll accumulate a fortune.  (25%)

You are disciplined and hard-working, and should accomplish much throughout your life. You are not one to give up, even though you have a tendency to be negative when things aren't going according to plan.   (65%)

You will find if difficult to hang on to the money you make. Gambling may be tempting but it won't be lucrative in the long run.   (12%)

You attract money and can make financial gains through good investments; however, you also like to spend money on beautiful objects.   (68%)

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You like to take your time and make your decisions slowly and methodically. You are stubborn, reluctant to make a change once you've made up your mind, even if you know you should. You tend to think in monetary terms, and will generally show increased interest when talking about finances.  (25%)

You will have trouble getting along with peers, friends, relatives and neighbors. Problems with communications are likely to set you off throughout your life. Irritability will lead to friction.   (9%)

Your interest in travel will lead you to exotic and pleasurable destinations. Vacations will be an important part of your life.   (67%)

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You need change and rarely will remain in one location for any length of time. You tend to provide an intellectual environment, and will always have lots of books around your home. You love to communicate with family and will always open your door to others.  (25%)

Your home is loving but unstable. Your parents play an important role in your life. You like the comforts of home and family life. Moving or renovation is a possibility.  (75%)

You need freedom to come and go as you please. You like to live with all the modern conveniences. You change your residence quite often. You need change in order to stimulate your creative expression.  (50%)

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You are very emotional about your lover. You tend to smother and cling to those you care about. You enjoy eating, and tend to put on weight as you get older.  (25%)

You are attracted to unusual forms of entertainment and you prefer to spend time with people who come from different backgrounds. You are drawn toward creative individuals.   (86%)

You will be burdened by the needs of older family members. Be careful not to take on too much.  (14%)

You will search for the truth in order to adjust your life accordingly. You will take an active role in social and sports events. You are determined to do your own thing and to excel.  (89%)

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You like to be in a position of authority at work. You tend to dominate your colleagues, and you like to be the one to present the ideas. You do best working for yourself.  (25%)

Your health must be watched carefully. You mustn't overdo it at work. You need to take time to regenerate both physically and emotionally. You need to practice good dietary habits. Expect power struggles with your colleagues.  (50%)

You will use your intuition when dealing with money matters, insurance, taxes and inheritances. You will experience relatively good health.   (89%)

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You attract partners who are willing to work hard to make your partnership perfect. You will find yourself much better organized with this type of individual by your side.  (25%)

You take your business and your personal relationships seriously. You are not one to run around, and you can be picky when it comes to your involvements.   (65%)

You are likely to break off partnerships, resulting in divorce and legal actions. Your enemies are open about the way they feel. In an argument, you tend to jump to conclusions and take action too quickly.  (25%)

You will have a hard time seeing eye to eye with any partners you have throughout life. Compromise will be necessary in order to have a lasting relationship.   (16%)

You will have an innate ability to choose your partners wisely. You will have an interest in foreign cultures and occult subjects.   (89%)

You do best getting involved in intriguing organizations. Your interest in the unusual will bring you in contact with creative individuals who can offer you the mental stimulation you require.   (89%)

You are idealistic in your partnerships. You are likely to attract unusual or unreliable associates. You work in nonprofit organizations. You are not easily liked, due to your unconventional ways and thoughts.  (50%)

You marry for life. You like long-term associations in both your emotional and business partnerships. You tend to lean toward more mature or older individuals. You could work in an official position. You are fair and just, and you attract honest and conservative associates and lovers.  (50%)

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You prefer to do things in partnership. Joint financial ventures are attractive to you. You feel a sense of security if you are not forced to take care of legal and financial affairs by yourself.  (25%)

You will be persistent in your search for ways to make money through investments. You are likely to end up taking care of other people's personal papers, possessions or cash, at some time in your life.   (68%)

You will disagree with friends and acquaintances, especially if you get involved in group activities. You will tend to view things as black or white, and that will lead to difficulties.  (13%)

You will have the ability to work in unusual fields. Your health will be good most of the time, but when you do get sick you will have unusual illnesses that are hard to diagnose.   (85%)

You will attract wealth. You are likely to inherit money or possessions, and you will come into cash through various means throughout your life.   (69%)

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Higher Education

You are a crusader. You will fight to the bitter end for your convictions. You are not one to take a back seat, and will always lead the way in a group or organization.  (25%)

You will join groups and organizations that have an unusual twist. You like to associate with those who are creative and unique in their approach to life. You are intuitive and can learn a great deal by observing others.   (89%)

You are likely to end up living a distance from your birthplace or you will do a lot of traveling throughout your life. You get along well with foreigners and you have a strong interest in cultural knowledge. You are enlightened by philosophy and you are a great scholar.  (50%)

You will have run-ins with authority figures throughout your life. Apprehension can result if you don't learn your lessons early.   (9%)

You will do whatever it takes to make alterations in your life that will make things better. You are out to improve yourself. Activities that offer self-awareness and improvement will attract you.   (89%)

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You have great vision, and when you implement it into your profession you can excel. You are extremely generous when it comes to putting people together in your chosen field.  (25%)

You'll have trouble in business and with partnerships. Don't get angry; the best revenge is your own success.   (16%)

You have social and business success know-how. You can juggle several projects at one time. You like to travel for your work. Your family will have an important effect on you.  (50%)

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You look for security and gravitate toward individuals who are stable, loyal and conservative. You are looking for friendship more than for people who can help you get ahead.  (25%)

You are a doer and a giver, especially when it comes to helping those less fortunate than yourself. You will be an active member of groups and organizations that you feel are worthwhile.   (71%)

You have connections in high places. Your friends are generous. You mingle with those who can help you get ahead. Your standard of living is high.  (50%)

You are a doer and a giver, especially when it comes to helping those less fortunate than yourself. You will be an active member of groups and organizations you feel are worthwhile.   (72%)

You can turn friendship into love. You move in prestigious circles. You can achieve your dreams, hopes and wishes. You get along well with others. You are well-received by the public.  (50%)

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You have to learn to learn not to be so vocal about your troubles . Letting your personal life interfere with your professional will be your downfall.  (25%)

You will be attracted to secret groups or intrigues. You will have insightful vision into other people's motives.  (87%)

You are intuitive in all you do. Your need to delve into different philosophies and religions will broaden your awareness and enable you to implement your unusual ideas in order to help others.  (91%)

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Sun Sign and More

You are sympathetic, adaptable, and insightful. Your accomplishments are directly linked to your intuitive nature. You are mystical, creative and always prepared for change.  

You are ahead of your time. You are always willing to let others do their own thing. Freedom is important to you. You have tolerance and patience. You are a bit of a loner, but you interact well with others when necessary. You have unique and original ideas but you tend to take on too much, which leads to a certain lack of reliability.  (50%)

You focus your energy on your work and on doing the best job possible. You are a perfectionist and have a tendency to be critical, fussy and nervous most of the time. You are precise, and plan your actions carefully and execute them systematically.  (50%)

You need freedom in all aspects of your life. You have a strong interest in culture, history, philosophy, foreign customs and travel. You are an extremely good storyteller; however you are at a loss for words if someone confronts you with a personal problem. You must control your tendency to exaggerate.  (25%)

Your need to possess and protect is instinctive. You cling to those you love in order to gain psychological strength. You are sensitive and attuned to the thoughts and feelings of others. You have a wonderful imagination but it must be controlled.  (75%)

You have a strong psychic tie to your partner. You are influenced heavily by the moods and feelings of those you love. This can result in emotional confusion if loved ones are not being completely honest with you. Try to step back and view the whole picture.  (50%)

You have exceptional creative power which must be expressed through art, romantic involvement, or entertainment. You have a desire to dominate your lover which can lead to power struggles in your private life.  (50%)

You are practical and hardworking. You are concerned with detail, accuracy and efficiency. You tend to be a bit of a perfectionist, impossible to please and hard to deal with. You overwork in every aspect of your life and will never settle for anything less then the best.  (50%)

Sagittarius, the honest, straightforward, energetic and outgoing. You achieve through positive thought; however some of your ideas are a bit abstract. You often jump to conclusions without taking all the factors into consideration. You love adventure and travel, but you dislike domestic chores. You tend to be independent. As a companion, you can be charming and agreeable. You are an especially good traveling companion because you are considered a world citizen and are adept at living out of a suitcase. You are lucky and you will take risks; however you are also wasteful. You are easygoing and fun-loving. Money burns a hole in your pocket. Fortunately, you usually land on your feet when it comes to financial matters. You do much better in friendships than in love relationships.  (50%)

You have nontraditional ideas about your home and family life. You are in search of freedom, and are inclined toward unusual living arrangements. You like to use your home as a gathering place for close friends. Your mood swings can make you difficult to get along with.  (50%)

You are impersonal but friendly when dealing with others. Your sparkling manner draws people toward you. You follow your own heart and your own rules. You dislike possessiveness, and prefer relationships that are based primarily on intellect. You lean toward modern art, electronic music and modern jazz.  (50%)

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