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Since there are always conflicts in life, you will sometimes find that there will likely be some conflicts in the interpretations of your chart in Natal, Horoscope, Synastry and Business Partnership. To enable you to determine which interpretation or event is more predominant, you will find that there is a weighting factor in percentage associated with each interpretation paragraph. With this factor, you can now determine which event is more important by observing which event has a higher percentage if there's a conflict. The weights also allow you to determine which events are more significant.


You just like everything to be harmonious. You will go beyond the call of duty to cooperate and keep things running smoothly. You are graceful, elegant and sophisticated in your expressions. You have a strong sense of justice and fair play.  (50%)

You are the one who sets the pace in a relationship. You are voluptuous and refined. You love art and luxury. You have a talent for fashion and decorating.  (25%)

You will be socially active with friends, relatives and with organizational acquaintances. You are always searching for excitement and will befriend those who offer just that.   (86%)

You will be drawn into secret or hidden relationships that will be deceptive and sorrowful. You must be careful not to set yourself up for a hurtful experience.   (73%)

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You are resourceful, energetic and focused when it comes to making money. You can take any concept and turn it into something of value. You love to spend the money you make on items that will grow in value.  (50%)

You have good business and financial sense. You can earn money in communications work. You spend your money wisely.  (50%)

You will find if difficult to hang on to the money you make. Gambling may be tempting but it won't be lucrative in the long run.   (10%)

Deception or misunderstandings about money, contracts and your responsibilities to children or organizations to which you belong must be avoided.   (15%)

You will befriend your co-workers. You enjoy working in a family operation or from your own home office. You can make money through property investments.   (89%)

Money is the key to your happiness. You like to acquire material things. Your status is also of utmost importance and you'll work hard to be in the right circles. You are protected throughout life by older members of your family.  (50%)

You will do well working in fields that relate to services or products for the home. You can do well with a family business, and you like to work with people you are close to.   (89%)

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You are very careful what you say to whom. You always have a purpose in mind and will never waste time on idle chatter. You speak clearly and pick words that will make an impact.  (25%)

You get involved in serious intellectual careers requiring concentration, detail and precision. You are a lifelong student, always seeking greater knowledge. Your best relations are with serious-minded individuals.  (50%)

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Your home environment will be unusual. You have different ideas about family and the way things should be done. You like to have your friends over, rather than go out to visit them.  (25%)

You probably grew up in an unusual home. Either one or both of your parents were different in some way. You are strongly linked to your background by the family secrets that you carry throughout life. Your intuition is well developed and you should learn to rely on it more often, especially when dealing with your home and family.   (72%)

Confusion regarding your home and your responsibilities will develop. Overindulgence on your part or the part of those with whom you live is probable.   (12%)

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You are very sensitive to the moods and feelings of those you love. You would do anything to help your children, and at times you are disillusioned about your friends, lovers and children.  (25%)

You will actively pursue your creative desires. You are likely to have unusual children who possess special talents. You need love and romance in your life in order to feel complete.   (71%)

You will always look for love, entertainment and social activities. You are aggressive in relationships, and will do whatever is necessary to maintain a good friendship.   (85%)

You will have troubles with investments. Don't be too quick to jump into joint ventures. Chronic health problems will prevail, if you don't take good care of yourself.   (17%)

You will actively pursue your creative desires. You are likely to have unusual children who possess special talents. You need love and romance in your life in order to feel complete.   (71%)

You will have an unrealistic view of your artistic ability. Problems with children are likely to arise. You will be tempted to make unwise financial decisions.   (10%)

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You will tackle any job aggressively and efficiently. You are a leader, and you have a tendency to be a little pushy. You will always help a colleague if asked, but you will never assist anyone who isn't willing to do for themselves.  (25%)

You are attracted to modest women. You love animals and are likely to have a pet. Your job is unstable and you find yourself jumping from one position to another. Minor health problems should be tended to.  (50%)

You pursue your goals in order to attain the power and security that you desire where your family and home are concerned.   (87%)

You work well with others and are always concerned about their emotional well-being. You strive to keep your work environment peaceful and harmonious so that you can produce the most and best work.   (94%)

You like high-tech work. You do well working in specialized fields. You get support from your colleagues, and you are capable of doing an amazing job. In health you will lean toward unusual methods of treatment for any ailment you get.  (50%)

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You can inspire anyone with whom you go into partnership, be it a business or an emotional connection. You will do whatever is necessary to get cooperation and respect from others.  (50%)

You will have a strong psychic connection to your partners throughout life. Your sensitivity to these partners will have an affect on your moods and feelings.   (68%)

You possess a great deal of vitality and stamina, especially when it comes to love and romance. You are happiest when you are in an exciting and active relationship that offers the kind of stimulation you require.   (87%)

You will have a hard time seeing eye to eye with any partners you have throughout life. Compromise will be necessary in order to have a lasting relationship.   (16%)

You possess great vitality and stamina, especially when it comes to love and romance. You are happiest when you are in an exciting and active relationship that offers the kind of stimulation you require.   (89%)

Your approach to love is unconventional and imaginative. You are likely to meet new friends and lovers while attending seminars that deal with peculiar topics, or while visiting exotic destinations.   (89%)

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You can make money, but you're also inclined to spend it. You usually acquire hidden assets throughout life. Often these are a result of some of the quality purchases you have made along the way.  (50%)

You can make money through investments or working with products or services for the home. You will come into money through inheritance or family investments. You will keep close ties to your family, relatives and friends.   (89%)

You are intent on having your own place. Home is where your heart is and you will work hard to maintain a place of comfort. You love to entertain and you welcome guests.  (89%)

You will do well in business and in your personal investments. You instinctively know what works and what doesn't. You will be rewarded for your kindness and generosity when helping others with their personal papers or finances.   (90%)

You will find yourself in odd circumstances regarding an inheritance or taking care of other people's money or affairs. You are able to earn your living in an unusual manner. You will have unique connections to those you work with.   (86%)

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Higher Education

You are emotional when it comes to your beliefs. You will stand by your convictions, and will be upset if anyone tries to oppose your opinions.  (25%)

You always willing to lend a helping hand, eager to learn and quick to incorporate your findings. You are a giver and, as a result, you attract partners who can appreciate your kindness.   (89%)

You are changing your beliefs and attitudes drastically. You are a fanatic about your religious and metaphysical views. You are inspired by your visions. You need to travel to foreign countries that offer enlightenment.  (50%)

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You are ambitious, proud, and blatantly in search of authority and recognition. You will achieve your goals because you want them so desperately. You are always willing to go that extra yard in order to be the best.  (25%)

You'll have trouble in business and with partnerships. Don't get angry; the best revenge is your own success.   (16%)

You will be self-deceptive about your position in life and your personal relationships. Unusual circumstances are likely to manifest in your home.   (12%)

You have a wonderful, playful imagination that enables you to express yourself in an interesting and entertaining manner. You will do well in business and in life because of this.   (90%)

You can do well in industries that deal with home products and services. You are a helper when it comes to interacting with others.   (89%)

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You will work hard at your relationships. You are always willing to help a friend in need, and often form close friendships with co-workers.  (25%)

You have a need to help those who can't help themselves. You are inclined to join groups that are concerned with the big picture, and you are not afraid to take drastic measures in order to implement your ideas.   (94%)

You have connections in high places. Your friends are generous. You mingle with those who can help you get ahead. Your standard of living is high.  (50%)

You attract unusual acquaintances. You are generous with others and sensitive to their needs. You will actively start or join groups that you feel have a humanitarian purpose.   (71%)

You are a mover and a shaker. You are not happy to sit back and let life pass you by. You need to be involved in the action, and will aggressively take part in anything that you believe in.   (84%)

Problems when dealing with other people's money or possessions will lead to major arguments. Don't get involved in joint ventures.   (15%)

Friendship is a spontaneous and impulsive occurrence. You are generous, frank and outgoing. You can get out of control when it comes to love. Your passion is deep. You get involved in projects that demand high energy.  (50%)

You attract unusual acquaintances. You are generous with others and sensitive to their needs. You will actively start or join groups that you feel have a humanitarian purpose.   (70%)

You will have a problem with regard to your finances. It will be important to put your cash into conservative investments. You will be tempted to donate to unworthy causes.   (13%)

You will receive protection from intuitive and highly evolved individuals. You are drawn to secret societies.  (50%)

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You have a strong sense of justice and fair play. You love to find a secluded place where you can get away from the crowd and become introspective.  (25%)

You will be drawn into secret groups that offer excitement, intrigue, and a helping hand to get ahead and reach a high position, both professionally and financially.  (88%)

You will get involved in secret dealings. You have a great bedside manner and can work well in large institutions. You like to work on projects that are unusual, and will shy away from conventional ways of doing things.  (88%)

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Sun Sign and More

You are always concerned with justice and fair play. Your good manners and polite way of dealing with issues result in great popularity and admiration from those you deal with. You do best when you work within a group. You find going it alone somewhat depressing.  

You are prone to excessive worrying, which could lead to illness if you don't learn to control this tendency. You are an excellent worker and usually get along well with colleagues. You are concerned with order and cleanliness, and tend to overdo it by keeping your home and yourself spotless at all times.  (25%)

You focus your energy on your work and on doing the best job possible. You are a perfectionist and have a tendency to be critical, fussy and nervous most of the time. You are precise, and plan your actions carefully and execute them systematically.  (50%)

You need freedom in all aspects of your life. You have a strong interest in culture, history, philosophy, foreign customs and travel. You are an extremely good storyteller; however you are at a loss for words if someone confronts you with a personal problem. You must control your tendency to exaggerate.  (25%)

You have a quick but changeable temperament. You tend to fly off the handle before you have all the facts. You are prone to minor accidents due to your impetuous nature. You are headstrong and find it difficult to listen to advice. You are not a very disciplined person, and you need to think before you take action.  (50%)

You are used to sacrificing. Your intuitive understanding of improving work methods and procedures will help you achieve success. You are fond of pets, and lean toward helping those less fortunate. You have a great bedside manner, and can make others feel better.  (25%)

You want to dominate your domestic scene; however you sometimes face opposition. Your home environment and those you live with will be unusual. You have a love of nature and an interest in preserving it. You need to help others in order to feel satisfied .  (25%)

You are well-organized and focused when it comes to goals that will bring you status and distinction. You have the ability to visualize and create. You are level-headed, loyal and responsible. You can always find solutions to other people's problems. You tend to be cool and detached in your relationships.  (75%)

Sagittarius, the honest, straightforward, energetic and outgoing. You achieve through positive thought; however some of your ideas are a bit abstract. You often jump to conclusions without taking all the factors into consideration. You love adventure and travel, but you dislike domestic chores. You tend to be independent. As a companion, you can be charming and agreeable. You are an especially good traveling companion because you are considered a world citizen and are adept at living out of a suitcase. You are lucky and you will take risks; however you are also wasteful. You are easygoing and fun-loving. Money burns a hole in your pocket. Fortunately, you usually land on your feet when it comes to financial matters. You do much better in friendships than in love relationships.  (50%)

You must follow your own dreams. You have to make accomplishments in order to feel successful and fulfilled. You are daring, courageous and resourceful. You need frequent changes in order to be happy. If things aren't going your way, you can be explosive and impulsive.  (50%)

You have strong, passionate sexual desires. You become jealous, secretive and intensely emotional if you sense that your partner is not completely loyal. Others may find your do-or-die attitude to romance unnerving. If you feel that someone has betrayed you, you can become resentful, bitter and vengeful. You like vivid art, heavy music, and dance performances.  (25%)

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