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Vol.18 Issue 18

Letter Title: Form Pisces

Dear Pisces

I don't think the question is whether or not he'll be around it has more to do with if you are being emotionally honest with yourself and him as to the delay. Let's face it you freed yourself from a situation you didn't like to be with this man so why the wait. I'm afraid I agree with him - life is short and he is much older and has probably waited some time for you already. So question your motives for taking it slow after all you aren't a young twenty year old - you should know whether or not you want to spend the rest of your life with this man or not given the time spent with him already.

The comparison was adequate - showed some karma - quite passionate so what's the hold up? Or could it be that he was just your way of enduring the situation you were in with your ex and now given the freedom you actually want to explore other relationships. If this is the case be honest. Will your Leo wait should you want to test the waters - well he is likely to do a little looking himself so the potential for either one or both of you finding someone else is certainly in the stars. You both come into a high cycle regarding new love and old lovers coming back into your life early next year so perhaps a discussion allowing both of you to take a last look for love elsewhere between now and that time may be what's required.


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