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Vol.18 Issue 175

Letter Title: From Betrayed

Dear Betrayed

Yes you were betrayed banged up and ill treated that's for sure but the fact that you are recognizing this is a step in the right direction. Transiting Saturn is situated in your chart in a place that means that you need to talk to let it out to discover a new you and a new life. It's good that you started by talking with your daughter and that you have emailed me but you do need to get some serious professional help to walk you through your hurt and pain so I do suggest counseling and feel strongly should you go this route before you know it you will be able to put the past behind you.

By late 2009 I believe you can and will have moved on, found love and be up and running at full speed again. Once you have put the past behind you the future will seem much brighter. You are charming, have plenty to work with in the looks department so between now and that time focus on building a closer bond with your daughter (your right hand helper) getting help mentally through counseling and physically working on being the best you can be so that when the love bug strikes late next year you are ready to pick properly and not sell yourself short because you lack confidence from all the mistrust and betrayal you have been through. One-step at a time my Pisces friend - I know you can do it and find true love and happiness at the end of your journey.


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