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Vol.19 Issue 85

Letter Title: From Concerned Mother

Dear Eugenia

I have written to you twice about my son who had a social anxiety problem. He is now 15 and doing well in school and much better socially. He is still not interested in school dances or going out with friends, but is involved in the enrichment course and writes for the enrichment paper etc. He seems to be doing well. This summer he has an opportunity to work for a client of my husbands in the technology/security field. Due to his past anxiety, I have my fears about him going to work there. He has just gotten so much more comfortable socially and I guess I just want to know that he is doing as well as I feel he is. Can you tell me how you see his chart. I was born November 19,1961 at 9:09PM and he was born on December 24, 1992 at 9:57PM.

Concerned Mother

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