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Legal Matters

Wind   Hexagram Image
It is a time for advancement. But it must be done with caution and good sense. Set your sights on a better, brighter future, and work towards this goal.

If you are considering litigation at this time then you should reconsider. This is not a good period in your life to become involved in court battles. You would be well-advised to avoid initiating all law suits. Leave them for a time when your powers of concentration are greater and you feel stronger. If you already involved in a litigation you instigated then seek settlement. 
If you are the one being sued, the chances of you winning in court are not good, and again, the best choice would be to settle out of court as soon as you can. 
It is better to be open to the offers made by the other side, and consider settling the suit at an early stage, than to let it drag on and on, putting your emotional and psychological equilibrium, and that of your family, at risk.


You are in a continual state of flux. Discover the changes that abound you.

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