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Legal Matters

Mountain   Hexagram Image
All the elements are in place. You are well-prepared and ready to go. Do not waste this important phase in your life on entertainment and leisure activities. Get to work. Go out into the world and begin working on your fabulous career.

The future of all litigation for you looks positive. But there are a few important pitfalls you should be wary of. 
You are headed for victory in any court battles, which is good, but do not allow yourself to feel overconfident and neglect important turning points or subtle shifts in fortune. 
You must proceed with caution now. Use moderation and you common sense in all responses in order to ensure and successful outcome. Don't take it for granted that you are going to win and forget to attend to details.


You are in a continual state of flux. Discover the changes that abound you.

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Although I Ching originated in the far East, it happens to have many similarities to the personalized astrology approach in the Western world. For more Eastern astrology try our advanced personalization feature called, Nine Star Ki.

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