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Free Daily Horoscope

(Feb 19-Mar 20)
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Sunday April 29, 2018

You'll be given a choice. Don't be shy or feel guilty. Choose what you want and enjoy your good fortune. Put your needs first, and make a positive change that will bring you greater comfort and happiness. Nurture an important relationship. 4 stars

Happy Birthday: Aim to satisfy yourself. Gather information and become involved in whatever will contribute to getting ahead and improving life. Take advantage of opportunities, and get rid of bad habits. Stop hanging out with negative people. Hope, optimism, hard work and downtime filled with people and pastimes that bring you the happiness you deserve should be your priorities. Your numbers are 3, 12, 17, 26, 34, 37, 42.

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The Daily Horoscope is based on 12 Zodiac signs, which are known as sun sign analysis. There is much more to astrology than mere sun sign horoscopes. Did you know that you can cast your personalized chart for FREE on AstroAdvice and obtain a unique full color birth chart with reports on your future including your relationships, career, money and romance. Start first by visiting Self Analysis in All About Me and find out more about your personality and character as defined by your unique birth data and Birth Chart.


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